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Lotus flower in Hanoi

It is true to say that lotus has been one of the most significant flowers in the S-shaped country. It has been chosen as Vietnamese national flower for a long time. Travel to Hanoi  with: Travel Indochina Vietnam

Lotus in Hanoi

Lotus in Hanoi- source: internet

As many people know, Buddhism is the biggest religion in this Southeast Asian country. As a result, like many its other neighbors, the influence of Buddhism can be seen everywhere in Hanoi. People burn incense sticks, burn joss paper or fake money on the first day and 15th day of the lunar month. And there are many temples in the capital. It seems to me that every road has 1 temple. And these temples are very famous nationally. Every year, people from over the country come to Hanoi to beg for a lucky year and give the best wishes to their family members.

Lotus in the pond

Lotus in the pond – source: internet

Therefore, it is not surprised that lotus, the flower of Buddhism is widely used and respected in Vietnam. I remember when I was a little girl, my grand mum used to buy a bunch of lotus from the flower vendor near West Lake. Almost every day, in my house, there was its special scent. Let’s imagine you were suffering the scorching hot of the middle of summer, you entered a room and immediately, you were relaxed and refreshed. Yup, that is how I felt. And I still have the same experience up till now.

Lotus Bunch

Lotus Bunch – source: internet

When you visit Hanoi from the end of May till the end of July, maybe, in every corner of Hanoi, you can see many flower street vendors selling this type of flower. More than that, in many small market just opening in the morning, there are some other products related to lotus as well. I really love lotus seed dessert made by my mom or grand mum. It has a light sweet, which has a special ability to ease the heat outside. I also love lotus roots sliced into pieces and eaten with syrups and longan. They are all of my sweet memories which come with me to the rest of my life. Vietnam private tours

Lotus and longan dessert

Lotus and longan dessert – source : internet

If the kids love dessert made of lotus, the older like lotus tea. Like many other Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan, Vietnamese love tea as well. We have a habit to eat this kind of drink almost any time of the day. And in summer, when many lotus flowers blossom in the middle of the pond, some farmers will hop on the boats from early morning to pick up the freshest lotus petals. After that, many people will separate the petals from its pollens very carefully. And only the most perfect petals can be used to wrap tea leaves to make the amazing lotus tea.

In West Lake, there are some ponds lying next to the big lake. People plant a lot of lotuses there. Most of them are pink or dark pink but there are some white ones too. While my grand mum loves pink lotus, my mom is a big fan of white lotus. She said that the white color makes her relaxed. And similar to many other cultures, in Vietnam, white is also a symbol of purity and peace. That is why the traditional dress of Vietnamese student is white, a color of the most innocent age.

White lotus

White lotus- source: internet

Lotus and its colors as well as its scent have become the muse of many artists, musicians and poets. Many Vietnamese children remember the traditional lotus lullaby, teaching them to live with kind and brave heart. There is an idiom having similar meaning to that poem, “better die on your feet than live on your knees’’. But in current society, many people also told us to better bend than break, so sometimes, it is kind of confusing.

Anyway, I hope you will have a great time in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. Remember to visit lotus ponds near West Lake and drink lotus tea. If you have not found a reliable travel buddy, you can contact my friend.

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