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Hanoi weather in February

Want to enjoy the cool climate of February in Vietnam? Let’s head towards Hanoi capital city. Tet holiday usually takes place in February, so this month is certainly the most festive month of a year. Compared to January, the temperature increases a little bit but still cold enough to enhance your appetite as well as support a number of outdoor festivals. If you interest please follow Indochina travel Vietnam

Hanoi’s weather in February

Tet in Hanoi
Tet in Hanoi-source: Internet

Even though during the month spring has not approached Vietnam yet, there is a phrase all Vietnamese use when Tet arrives: Spring has come. Accordingly, with its average temperature from 14 to 21 Celcius degree in a day and mist and drizzling rain occurring more often, especially in the morning, the weather becomes a little warmer. Gradually rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs increasing from 20°C to 22°C over the course of the month, dropping below 14°C only one day in ten or exceeding 27°C characterizes the month of February. A mild and light shower followed by drizzles is even witnessed in the temperature. Moreover, the rain drops even make the potholes muddy. North Vietnam travel tours

Hanoi in February
Hanoi in February-source: Internet

It is again such an awesome feeling to rinse your feet in that muddy water. During the month, it is even possible to come across some of the best and glowing myriad fauna and flora in the market. February’s weather is little warm, the temperature is again very pleasant during the night, sometimes, you also might need to wrap with a bedcover. If you are out in the early morning or night motorbike trip, sometimes it is a fact that you need to wear jackets and gloves. In addition, take an umbrella with you when enjoying a stroll down silent streets under the curtain of the light rain and drizzles. It sounds romantic.

  • Average High: 21 C degree
  • Average Low: 14 C degree
  • Humidity: 70%
  • Precipitation : 28mm
  • Number of wet days: 2 days

Travel tips for February in Hanoi

Flower market
Flower market-source: Internet

As there are numerous interesting festivals together with awesome special dishes exclusively available in Tet for you to explore, there is no reason to hesitate to come to Hanoi and Vietnam during February. To witness the beauty of thousand species of flowers and tree in flower markets around the city and enjoy bustling climate in Hanoi, when people are in a hurry to prepare for Tet, let’s arrive at Hanoi about one week before Tet.

Co Loa Temple festival
Co Loa Temple festival-source: Internet

Hanoi’s festival season starts off with Co Loa Temple festival, Giong Temple festival, Lieu Doi wrestling festival and Dong Da festival, from the 5th January (Lunar Calendar). To name all the festivals taking place during the month in Hanoi, not to mention Vietnam, it may take even few days, so why don’t you come to see and enjoy one by one yourself?

For contemplative travelers, who want to enjoy Hanoi’s silent beauty with a camera, from the evening of the 30th December to the 3rd January, when Hanoi’s streets are deserted, would be the best chance. However, the fact that there is barely any store or restaurant open during the days is the backside of it.

Giong Temple festival
Giong Temple festival-source: Internet

You will definitely be well awarded with exciting festival here as well as the whole country if you do not hesitate of sharply increase in prices and its cold, bustling climate with muddy in rain sometimes. Hanoi in February is really well worth your visit.

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