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Vietnam visa is a document issued by a Vietnamese competent authority permitting a foreigner to enter Vietnam. When applying for Vietnam visa, your passport must be at least six months of validity upon arrival.

Please note the duty limits as follow:

  • 400 cigarettes
  • 1.5 liters of spirit
  • The amounts of foreign currency equivalent to US$5,000 or greater must be declared.

Types of Vietnam Visas

Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa is a type of visa issued by the Vietnam Department of Immigration to foreigners through the electronic transaction system.

Foreigners living abroad wish to enter Vietnam may apply for an e-visa online or through inviting or guaranteeing agencies and organizations.

Vietnam e-visa requirements

  • At least 6-month passport validity on arrival date and 2 blank passport pages
  • 1 passport size photo
  • Soft copies of photo and passport personal data page
  • Credit cards to pay the e-visa fee online

How to get Vietnam e-visa

  • Apply e-visa at, then select E-visa/For foreigners
  • Read the instruction, check the box of confirmation, then click “Next”
  • Upload photo and passport personal data page
  • Fill the required information
  • After verifying your information, there is a verification code provided. Please note it down
  • Online payment for e-visa fee of US$25)
  • In the next 3 working days or more, come back to the e-visa website, enter your code, email and date of birth for the process of your e-visa application checking
  • If your application is approved, congratulation, let’s print the Vietnam e-visa letter
  • Show your letter or visa code on arrival.


  • Vietnam e-visa is valid for single-entry, not exceeding 30 days. Its cost is US$25, and its process takes 3 to 5 working days.
  • Application for 1 applicant only, not for group.
  • The fee for e-visa is paid through the electronic payment gateway and not refundable in case the visa applicant is not granted. Therefore, if you are applying a Vietnam e-visa, you should double-check your information to avoid the incorrect details such as birthdate or misspelled names.
  • You can enter and exit Vietnam by Vietnam e-via through a list of ports such as International Airports, Land ports, and Seaports. However, you cannot change your port of entry after e-visa submission. If you change, you will have to do a new application.
  • Citizens in the list of 80 countries allowing e-visa issuing are from Australia, Canada, Italy, the UK, the USA, and so on. However, if your nationality is not in the list, no worry, you can consider a Vietnam visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival (VOA)

VOA is a legal document that is granted and approved by the Vietnam Department of Immigration. It requires travelers to get a visa approval letter beforehand, then getting visa stamped at Vietnam international airport. First of all, to obtain the Visa approval letter, you have to pay online to the agency with the fee from US$20 depending on the visa type applied.

It is highly recommended as

  • It is convenient with an easy online application.
  • No passport or photos required to post to an embassy. But you need to have at least two standard photos of passport size (4cm x 6cm) upon arrival. Or if you do not have any, you can take them at the Vietnam airport for about US$2.
  • It is cheap and fast. You will be granted a visa approval letter in 2 working days. After that, you will be stamped the visa on the original passport at the airport, where you pay your visa stamping fee in cash. The stamping fee is US$25 for single-entry, US$50 for a multiple-entry.
  • Unlike Vietnam e-visa, you can switch your arrival airports among Vietnam International airports and get the visa stamped without problems.


  • VOA is valid travelers visiting Vietnam by air and arriving at one of the Vietnam international airports. So if you enter Vietnam by land or sea, you can apply for a Vietnam visa via the local embassy.
  • If you are in urgent, you need pay extra for the visa agencies to obtain the visa approval letter faster in 1 day or event in 2 hours.

Vietnam visa exemption

Citizens from the following list of countries do not need to obtain a Vietnam visa when visiting Vietnam for a certain period of time.

Country Days
Myanmar, Brunei 14
Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK 15
Philippines 21
Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand 30
Chile 90


  • As the policies change regularly, you should double-check the Vietnam visa requirements before departure.
  • If you visit Phu Quoc Island directly from other country either by air or sea, and stay for less than 30 days, you are not required to have Vietnam visa.
  • How to apply for Vietnam visa exemption? You have to do nothing except for providing your passport with at least a 6-month validity and 2 blank pages upon arrival.

Vietnam multiple entry visa

If you have a Vietnam multiple entry visa before leaving Vietnam to Laos or Cambodia, you can re-enter Vietnam without applying for a new visa. There are 3 types of visa validity for tourist multiple entry visa to Vietnam: 1 month, 3 months and 1 year.


  • Vietnam single entry visa cannot be changed to the multiple entry visa.
  • A 1-year tourist visa is eligible for US passport holders only.
  • You can apply for Vietnam multiple entry visa by getting a Vietnam visa on arrival or a Vietnam embassy visa.
  • To get a Vietnam multiple entry visa on arrival, you have to first enter Vietnam by air, then exit and re-enter by any.

Vietnam visa requirements

To obtain Vietnam visa for US citizens, Vietnam visa for Australians, Vietnam visa for Canadians, etc., here are 2 general requirements:

  • Your passport is required at least 2 blank pages and 6-month validity upon your arrival date.
  • The information to fill out the visa application form online must be exactly as shown on your passport.
  • Visa approval letter, 2 passport photos and cash for stamp (Visa on arrival).


In general, if you have any questions about Vietnam visa, please contact us, we are here willing to help!