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Indochina is Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The three were once fierce battlefields, now are thriving countries with stunning nature, friendly people and fascinating indigenous culture.

Embark on your trip to Vietnam to behold the World Nature Wonder – Halong Bay, get lost in the endless riverway of Mekong river, learn the life of tribal people in Sapa, and enjoy world-renowned Vietnamese cuisines.

Visit the land of stupas – Cambodia to see with your own eyes Angkor Wat – the most ancient Seven Wonders of the world. Take a rowboat on Tonle Sap Lake to meet local people who are still living in makeshift houses.

Set your foot in Laos and feel the laid-back atmosphere as if it has been forgotten by modernization. Start your journey in Luang Prabang to find the stunning beauty of Kuang Si Fall, the hidden Buddha cave of Pak Ou. Emerge in the holistic atmosphere of Vientiane to see the life of the monks.

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