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  • Grab (GrabBike, GrabCar, GrabTaxi) is the most well-known transportation app for local people as well as tourists. You simply just need to install this app on your phone and book any type transportation that you prefer (motorcycle, car and taxi)
  • Bus:  You can install BusMap app (only applicable in Hanoi, Danang, and HoChiMinh City) or search directly on Google Maps then simply insert your starting point and the destination, then click the transit option, it will show you the way to find the appropriate bus routes, how to reach the bus stop as well as bus timetable.
  • Taxi: Mai Linh and Vinasun are two reputable companies in the nation. Just like Grab, they also have applications for pick-up/ drop-down points convenience. The average tariffs are from 10,000 to 15,000 VND per kilometer.
  • Rental car service: Check out our rental car service website for more information.
  • Extra: If you have appropriate international driving licenses, you may rent a motorcycle or a car to travel on your own.


The trains in Vietnam have been extensively renovated and are relatively safe and cheap option when it comes to transportation in Vietnam, however, Vietnam does not have a large network. The best option is to buy tickets in the official station when using trains. There are a few types of seats and berths of Vietnamese trains, including hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper, soft sleeper, 4 berths cab, and 2,4,6 berths cab.

An overnight train from Hanoi to Danang or Hue actually saves time in compared to flying, as the train will leave Hanoi city center in the evening and then arrive in Hue the next morning. More than this, using a train to travel will bring to you a genuine Vietnamese experience while flying is not necessary.

Booking opens about 60 days before the official departure, and sometimes 90 days before the departure. During the peak periods such as Vietnamese new year – Tết (between late January and February), you should book as soon as possible but it is often not hard to buy tickets at the station at other times of the year.


Vietnam has two main international airports, which are Noi Bai airport in the capital – Hanoi, and Tan Son Nhat Airport in Saigon. The third airport is Da Nang Airport located in Da Nang that accepts a smaller number of international flights. Besides, there are a dozen of other domestic airports scattering across Vietnam.

There are currently 3 national airline brands:

With an online booking service, there are a lot of choices for you to opt for and booking advance is also easy. Most of the flights booked online could be amended, of course with a price, yet at least you will not miserably be stuck with the flight that you could make use of. Don’t forget checking the booking conditions of the airline and type of flight you choose before booking. If you do not mind to wait till you get to Vietnam, you may get a better price.