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Best time to travel Hanoi

Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and also its cultural and financial center. The city was founded in 1010 and has a long and magnanimous history. Indochina tours Vietnam

Situated in the Red river delta, Hanoi has a tropical climate with hot and rainy seasons. Between two main seasons, there four distinct seasons including: Spring, summer, autumn and winter.

A peace Hanoi in the summer
A peace Hanoi in the summer

Autumn is considered the best time for travellers to visit Hanoi. It follows a drop in temperature to the middle, so that, Hanoi becomes romantic after hot summer. This season is quite short, typically from middle of September to the end of November.

Indeed, cool weather makes Hanoi more beautiful in every corner of space and time.  Hanoi’s autumn actually touches people’s hearts by its quite wind, its deep milk flowers, its full yellow leaves roads and more than that. People see Truc Bach waves are bobbing as if it would like to say something.  People will raise their eyes faraway to wonder how many times they come to this location with their beloved under blue and immense surface of West Lake. Travelers come to visit Hanoi this time to feel Hanoi’s ancient and romantic beauty. Vietnam travel packages

Yellow leaves - the symbol of the fall in Hanoi
Yellow leaves – the symbol of the fall in Hanoi

With the average temperature is 250C, Hanoi’s autumn is beautiful because of warm sunlight, cool weather and dry atmosphere. If you love seeing the leaves change color, enjoying Hanoi’s autumn specialties such as young green rice, living slowly for a to appreciate the beauty of your life, you definitely should come to Hanoi in autumn.

Young green sticky rice in Hanoi
Young green sticky rice in Hanoi

In addition, Tet is a special festival in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. Held in late January or early February, the Tet New Year is one of the best cultural events in Vietnam. The festival officially lasts three days, but most people celebrate for the whole week. Locals typically close shops and take part in the colorful parades and festivities that take place in the city streets.

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