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Top things to do in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is one of the most attractive Vietnam holiday destinations thanks to its simplicity and natural beauty. At any time of the year, this region will welcome you with a different beauty and destination. If you come here in October, November, and December, you will be immersed in the forests of peach and white plum blossoms. Meanwhile, in March and April, there are many kinds of flowers for you to admire. What’s else? Let’s check out top things to do in Mai Chau in this article.


mai chau
Mai Chau is an attractive place that you should not miss

Mai Chau trekking

A pristine Mai Chau has many beautiful places waiting for you to explore. Therefore, Mai Chau trekking must be an unforgettable experience that you should not miss. You will slowly discover natural wonders lurking somewhere behind mountains, forests in this region. Nothing is more relaxing and exciting than climbing and taking into your eyes the beauty of the whole region, right?

Mai Chau cycling

If you want to explore the beautiful landscape and learn the customs of Mai Chau indigenous people, Mai Chau cycling is the best option. Coming to Mai Chau leisurely cycling around the village, you will be able to admire the peaceful scenery, visit any corner of the village. It is also a great experience to cycling over the high rocky slopes to watch the tranquil peaceful scenery from the top view.

So far, despite the high-rise buildings and urban areas in many cities of Vietnam, Mai Chau still retains the greenness of the mountains, the rustic simplicity of terraced fields, stilt houses, and the simplicity of mountainous people.


mai vhau cycling
Cycling around villages in Mai Chau is one of the greatest activities

There is nothing more wonderful than riding a bicycle and slowly crossing rice paddies, stilted houses, winding paths to admire the life of the people here.

Visiting Mai Chau villages

Lac Village

Lac Village in Mai Chau is suitable for those who love the tranquility, peaceful life, and the atmosphere of the mountains. This place is also for those who like to experience and explore the culture of the ethnic people in Hoa Binh.

As an over 700 years old village, Lac Village is the region where the black Thai ethnic group is living. In this village, people lived their life with the cultivation of upland rice and brocade weaving. This place is a gift of nature to anyone who loves the peaceful and quiet in the green space of Hoa Binh mountains.

Coming to Lac village, you will feel like entering a peaceful little world not only with stilted houses but also rustic, simple things. All of that makes this village special among many other tourist destinations.


Lac village
You will have the best time in Lac village

Pom Coong village

Mai Chau not only has Lac village but also many other beautiful dreamy villages. Among them is Pom Coong village – a village brings full of Thai characteristics, and a romantic natural landscape promising to bring you the greatest experiences.

In Thai’s language, Pom is a hill, Coong is a drum. Pom Coong means a village of hills lying on a big drum being field. Today, Pom Coong village has nearly 70 households with more than 300 people.

The stilt houses here are usually built in clusters and their traditional architectural style. More specifically, the floor made of bamboo is about 2m from the ground. Under the floor, there are looms for Thai girls to weave brocade.


Pom Coong village
Pom Coong village

Take a trip to Thung Khe pass

Coming to Thung Khe Pass, visitors can not help but be impressed with the extremely majestic and beautiful natural scenery with the soft, winding mountain road covered by the fresh green of trees. One of the typical beauties of Thung Khe Pass is the thick fog, surrounding the pass, making people feel like they are lost in the wonderland.

After being renovated, this pass has become the most favorite place for travelers for sightseeing, taking photos and admiring the beautiful scenery. Besides the winding road, stopping and watching the green of the field and the looming peaceful houses will make you surprised and excited.

Visit Mai Chau Caves

Chieu Cave

As one of the famous tourist destinations in Mai Chau, Chieu Cave possesses the mysterious beauty of pristine time. Besides the unbelievably fanciful scenery in the cave, the natural scenery of the whole Mai Chau valley from the top of the cave is even more majestic.

To get to Chieu cave, you must cross 1200 stone steps among the green trees Xa Pang. Cave has the width from 10 – 15m, spreading up to the top of the mountain of 30m, residential area of about 350m, you can just walk while enjoying the scenery here.


Chieu Cave
Chieu Cave

Mo Luong Cave

Only 2km from the Lac village, Mo Luong Cave is the most visited spot because of its beauty and convenient distance. Belonging to the Pu Kha mountain range, Mo Luong Cave will surprise you with its pristine features of modern times.

Mo Luong cave has 4 main caves with a depth of about 500 m. The first cave is 60m long, 16m wide, and the ceiling is 20m high. The cave is arranged like a large living room, on the ceiling on each side of the wall decorated with lights making it like the paintings of the brilliant flowers on stone.

The second cave is about 10m higher than the first cave. Stepping into the cave, you might feel like stepping into a wonderland of stone. On the two sides of the wall are stalactites like fairies and Buddhas. At the foot was the stone veins stretching shiny silver like a carpet inlaid with silver.

Going through the second cave, visitors will enter the third cave. This is a large cave with an area of ​​about 400m2 and is cooler than the other caves. Stalactites coming down from the arch look like huge teeth.

The last cave is very wide with a height of 25 m, a length of 15 m and a width of 12 m. In this cave, there are many stalactites and stone pillars with unique shapes. Going to the bottom of the cave, there is an underground stream flowing into Mo Luong lake.

Go Lao waterfall

Go Lao waterfall is attractive thanks to its pristine and rustic beauty. The road to Go Lao waterfall is quite arduous as you have to go through a small winding road with some quite bad sections. In return, you can admire the extremely vivid, eye-catching and beautiful scenery on the two sides of the road. The beautiful small houses of Muong people at the foot of the mountain, the majestic, poetic Ba Khan lake and even the green bamboo forest will show up in your way.

Go Lao Waterfall is about 20m high. During the high water season, the falls cascade white streams, splashing dust all over the mountain. You will hear the roaring sound of water and the natural sound of the jungle.

Not stopping there, Go Lao waterfall also has undulating rocks, creating a unique landscape at the foot of the waterfall. You will be immersed in stream water and soak up the coolness of Northwestern nature, enjoy the scenery peaceful here.

The beauty of the place is the combination of earth and sky creating a beautiful and peaceful setting in the mountains.


Go Lao waterfall
Beautiful Go Lao waterfall

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Those are all things to do in Mai Chau. Let’s plan your Vietnam tours now and make a new page in your life book. Happy traveling!


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