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Visit top craft villages in Ha Giang, Vietnam

These unique handmade products with cultural identity “dense”, the craft villages in Ha Giang become the ideal destination for tourists. Tours Indochina

  1. Praise

Praise from long hours has made a unique culture for highland peoples in general and Ha Giang Stone Plateau in particular. Thus, visited the village in the traditional Ho Quang Phin commune, Sung Trai and Van Chai, Dong Van district is not to be missed experience for many visitors.

Praise village

Praise village – source: baomoi.com

A special feature is even estimated by eye and hand, but the department was extremely fit, make up a pass bass, pan skin away for hours. You can also buy a bullhorn by the hands of the craftsman made this place for only a few hundred thousand.

  1. Silver carving

If ever been to Ha Giang, tourists must not forget the jewelry sparkling silver highlights on the indigo colored shirt, black women’s Knives as necklace, earrings, soap … That area are products are born from the traditional silver carving village in Hoang Su Phi district, Xin Man, Vi Xuyen. North Vietnam tour packages

Silver carving village

Silver carving village – source: hagiangonline.net

Visit a silver carving village any journey of discovery on rocky plateau, you will be witnessing the production stage but full of skilled craft only rudimentary communication devices thong.Tu pieces of silver rough debris, highland artists skillfully shaping and carving exquisite patterned express ethnic cultural identity.

  1. Weaving linen

Equally famous is silver carving flax weaving of ethnic Hmong in Lung Tam Commune, Quan Ba ​​district center about 20 km. Although there are now many types of machinery and support but do flax stages here are done completely manually, from planting, shelling came spinning, weaving linen.

Weaving linen

Weaving linen – source: dantocviet.vn

This is not only the anniversary gift of a traditional village of Ha Giang, but also stamp colorful cultural characteristics of ethnic Hmong in each pattern, texture.

  1. Paper making copies

Coming to the village of Thanh Son, Ha Giang city about 60 km, visitors will come to the village’s long papermaking Vietnam Quang town, Bac Quang district. From 1925, farmers here have said Dao utilize available raw materials from nature are small cane crops, vines to make paper copies to serve the spiritual needs of living in ceremonies for identity , its security needs.

Paper making copies village

Paper making copies village – source: dulichhagiang.com

The paper copies stages but not too fussy but requires perseverance, meticulous as lime tempering, coating, drying of, dissection … Thus, each sheet of finished products not only thin but durable Funeral , tough, beautiful color, subtle aroma of forest trees. Therefore, even if the product is indispensable in the spiritual life of many nations but by the main paper in Thanh Son Dao should always be preferred and trusted more.

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