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4 famous destinations of the North region in winter

Where to visit in Vietnam – 4 famous destinations of the North region in winter

In winter, the weather of the North become cold with temperatures falling below 10 degrees. But despite freezing temperature and cold weather, it cannot hinder the travel lovers from going and exploring new lands. Let find out where to visit in Vietnam which are rated as 4 great places for north tourism in winter. Tours Indochina Vietnam

  1. Sapa (Lao Cai)

Sapa is a four – season tourist destination attracting thousands of tourists, especially in the winter. Temperatures could decrease at 2-5 degrees C in the daytime, but at night the temperature can drop at 0°C and sometimes it is snowy.

Arrive Sapa in the days of winter, you can enjoy the beauty of the floating clouds of a “foggy land”, admire dense fog and feel the cold air. If lucky, visitors can watch snowfall, the white snowflakes covering roads, trees and on the roof, etc.

Floating fog covering roads, trees and on the roof, etc

Floating fog covering roads, trees and on the roof, etc

More specially, nothing is more wonderful when enjoying delicious barbecue, the specialty of Sapa, gathering around steaming pots, sipping a glass of wine among the cold weather of Sapa. North Vietnam tours packages

  1. Ha Giang

Ha Giang always draws attention from tourists, particularly at the present time when Flower Festival are taking place. Each seasons, Ha Giang put on its own different beauty. Travelling Ha Giang in the winter, you will enjoy the cold wind at a plateau surrounded by rocks, especially in some areas like Meo Vac, the temperature at lowest level will cause ice and snow.

Fields of flower in Ha Giang

Fields of flower in Ha Giang

Traveling Ha Giang in the cold weather of winter, visitors can enjoy “thang co” dishes, a specialty of here with greasy taste of horse meat mingling with the aroma of fruit, lemon grass that make tourists warmer in the space among the freezing air.

  1. Moc Chau (Son La)

Travelling Moc Chau in the period from November to February is the best time of year. The fields of blooming flowers, the green tea hills bringing fresh air that is pure enough to make visitors calm, relax and forget the cold of the weather. January and February is the time of plum and peach flowers blossoming together in Moc Chau that tourist should not miss to visit.

Green tea hills in Moc Chau

Green tea hills in Moc Chau

Moc Chau in winter has temperatures below 10 degrees covering the whole plateau with calm and misty fog.

  1. Mau Son (Lang Son)

Mau Son peak in winter also a tourist attraction. This is the high mountain area of Lang Son featuring varied terrains with an average altitude of 800 – 1000 meters above the sea, including a collection of 80 large and small mountains with the highest peak of 1541 – metre Mount Phia Po.

Mau Son in winter

Mau Son in winter

Mau Son mountain peaks is covered by clouds throughout the year. The time when the traveler feels great to discover the beauty of the Mau Son peak is from late December to January each year. Going to Mau Son this time, guests can enjoy a lot of special dishes and experience unforgettable moments that nowhere has.

The above 4 famous destinations we recommend tourists to visit in winter are worth traveling one time. Do not miss to discover the second – to – none experiences you will get from winter tours.

Travel lovers.

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