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Guide for planning a Vietnam itinerary 7 days

Being working in industry tourism for few years, I have met so many people from all over the world and seeing many travel style. Some people want to see as much as possible in a limited time; while some people satisfy themselves with slow-pace going and relaxing. Some people want to go to popular destinations;

Vegetarian spring rolls

What kinds of Vegetarian food in Hanoi?

For all the vegetarians worried about not being able to eat anything but rice in Hanoi – don’t worry! Today, we will gives you the insiders view on eating vegetarian food in Hanoi. “An chay” means no meat and is an essential phrase that usually gets the point across. Make sure to say it a

Calligraphy pictures in The Temple of Literature

Traveling to Vietnam during Tet festival with Vietnam guided tours, why not?

Lunar New Year or Tet (occurring at middle January or early February) is the biggest celebration of some Asian countries, especially Vietnam over a year. This festival bears all distinguishing features of Vietnamese culture, customs, and traditions. Therefore, traveling to Vietnam during Tet festival will give you a good opportunity to explore the long-standing culture

Wonderful picture of Sapa on a snow day

Why is Sapa in December attractive to travelers in Vietnam tours from UK

Sapa is an attractive place for travelers to visit in every season of a year. Each season in Sapa has its own specialty, but the most exciting time to visit Sapa is December – the coldest time of this mountainous area, which is similar to the weather in UK at this time. Below are all

Early sunshine, fresh produce, what a colorful Mekong floating market is like.

Best 5 destinations for ultimate Vietnam package deals in December

Just as the biting cold of winter kicks in, many people from the Northern hemisphere are heading towards the equator in search of sunny skies and warm weather. Among many options, Vietnam stands out as an affordable and safe tropical country for travelers. If you plan to spend your winter holiday here, these best 5

A cup of hot egg coffee is put into a bowl of hot water

Best coffee shop in Hanoi with Vietnam itinerary 7 days

Discovering Hanoi with Vietnam itinerary 7 days, you will have a great chance to “get lost” in a maze of narrow and crowded streets mixed by old and new beauty. There is a lot of interesting activities you should put in your bucket of must-do things. Stroll around Hanoi’s Old Quarter, explore the timeless beauty