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Mugs of Bia hoi

Bia hoi – the famous Vietnamese beer you should try

Despite not being the best beer in the world, Vietnamese beer and the way of drinking is worth trying because it is an indispensable kind of beverage of people here. In Vietnam, Vietnamese beer – Bia hoi Vietnam is pretty cheap and you can easily find a bia hoi store everywhere, especially, in summer beer

vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

Suggested Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

For almost everyone who is first timer, 2 weeks for Vietnam travel itinerary is the perfect period to have an insight of this country’s unique culture & lifestyle, stunning landscapes and utmost important is local cuisine. So let’s find out what should be the highlights for your Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks.   Booking the international

Golden bridge Vietnam

Golden Bridge Vietnam – A new art of mankind

When it comes to the center of Vietnam, Danang is one of the must – see destination. This city is situated besides lovely beach in Quang Nam province; it is not only endowed with amazing natural scenery but also man – made sites. Among that, the Golden Bridge Vietnam has recently emerged as a phenomenon


Getting familiar with Vietnam traffic

Being known for owing a large number of motorbikes, Vietnam is also famous for straight phenomena in traffic. Almost most of the travelers coming to this S-shaped country have traffic problems, especially ones who first visit this Southeast Asian nation. Therefore, finding information about the condition of Vietnam traffic, particularly traffic in Hanoi and Saigon

View Halong Bay

Guide for planning a Vietnam itinerary 7 days

Being working in industry tourism for few years, I have met so many people from all over the world and seeing many travel style. Some people want to see as much as possible in a limited time; while some people satisfy themselves with slow-pace going and relaxing. Some people want to go to popular destinations;

Vegetarian spring rolls

What kinds of Vegetarian food in Hanoi?

For all the vegetarians worried about not being able to eat anything but rice in Hanoi – don’t worry! Today, we will gives you the insiders view on eating vegetarian food in Hanoi. “An chay” means no meat and is an essential phrase that usually gets the point across. Make sure to say it a