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Get to, out and around Chau Doc

Being a city in the heart of the Mekong Delta Vietnam, Chau Doc is a wonderful place – cheap, small, rather unspoiled and very friendly but without an enormous amount to do. If you are the type that prefers markets to malls, you will definitely love Chau Doc, which is dominated by a large Indoor Market.

Getting to Chau Doc

Get to Chau Doc

Get to Chau Doc-source: Internet

If you are traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Chau Doc, let’s contact a tour agent. The all-day bus ride from Saigon to Chau Doc, 285km (177 miles) southwest of Saigon, combines a visit to other hamlets in the delta, boat trips, and lunch stops – it is a day full of fun.

The busy station a few kilometers north of town on Le Loi is the starting point and ending point of local buses (connect by motorbike taxi for about VND 15,000). Mai Linh Express has regular connections on reliable shuttle buses to Can Tho (VND 50,000) and Ho Chi Minh City (VND 105,000). You can have your hotel book Mai Linh tickets ahead of time or buy them at the bus station. Indochina travel Vietnam

Speedboat from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc

Speedboat from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc-source: Internet

There are boats to Phnom Penh from Chau Doc (and vice versa) leaving at 7am, arriving at 4:30pm, and costing $8 (plus $26 for a Cambodian visa). Make arrangements with tour operators in Chau Doc or contact any local tour operators in Saigon or come from Cambodia, with Capitol Tours in Phnom Penh.

Get around

Chau Doc - Next to the border to Cambodia

Chau Doc – Next to the border to Cambodia-source: Internet

There is a daily air-con bus leaving Phnom Penh at 6.00am to Can Tho, Vietnam. Using the Phnom Den/Tien Binh Border crossing, the bus will pass Chau Doc en route to Can Tho. The fare is only US14.00. It takes more than 4 hours to Chau Doc and another two hours to get to Can Tho. At No 09 DEo, Street 230, Phsar Deumkor, Phnom Penh is situated the booking office Bus Express Travel Cambodia. Telephone: 855 972 119 339; 855 997 90443. Even if intending to stop at Chau Doc, you have to pay the same fare.

Get out

About 4km far from center, the bus station near the entrance of city costs VND 20.000 motor taxi ride.

The Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta-source: Internet

  • Chau Doc – Ha Tien: VND 60,000, departure time: 5am, 6am 9am, take 3.5hours.
  • On a tour of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho is a popular next stop for travelers. Can Tho can be reached by boat: the daily cruise leaves at 2pm and costs VND 588.000 (around $25.5).
  • Phuong Trang Company (phone 0.76 3.565.888) makes the connection 10 times a day between 8am to 0a.m. between Chau Doc and Ho Chi Minh City for VND 150,000.
Inside the Phnom Penh speedboat

Inside the Phnom Penh speedboat-source: Internet

  • Many travelers stay for one night in Chau Doc and go to Phnom Penh – another popular destination the next day. From slow boats to fast boats, there are several boats available. It can take up to 10 hours for a journey on a slow boat to Phnom Penh, however, the quality of the boats is not always the best (a lot of sun, heavy vibrations, extremely noisy engine and no toilet can make a 10h trip really exhausting). It costs VND 420.000. As the exchange rate you get is not very fair, try not to take to many dongs with you. There is no ATM, so bring enough dollars with you. Although there is a small restaurant at the border, it is comparably expensive. If you plan ahead, you can get take-away a bottle of water and meals from restaurants in Chau Doc.

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