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4 suggestions for Banh mi Vietnam

Travelling in Vietnam, tourists surely see several Banh mi vendors. Banh mi is considered an indispensable fast food of Vietnamese people. Not high in fat and variable choice of the insides, Banh mi Vietnam can be picked as daily meals. Vietnam travel tours

As there are so many kinds of Banh mi with different ingredients insides, how to know the ones you expect to enjoy. The following contains popular Banh mi in their Vietnamese names so that you can have an overview of Banh mi Vietnam

Banh mi Pate – Cha lua- Banh mi Vietnam

It can be said that Banh mi Vietnam has its origin from French baguette as Vietnam used to be under the colonial period. On referring to Banh mi, people mean all kinds of bread.

Banh mi Vietnam

Banh mi Vietnam- source:

Banh mi is made of rice flour and wheat flour, which helps creating the crisp cover with soft and airy inside. Banh mi Pate – Cha lua, not very different fillings compared to sandwiches, is one of the most favored types. Banh mi Pate – Cha lua is served with Pate, Pork Roll (Cha lua) and sometimes Cured Cold Cuts.

Banh mi Pate – Cha lua

Banh mi Pate – Cha lua- source:

Especially, liver pate, mayonnaise and cheese are all added to make it buttery.

Also, pickled vegetables and cucumbers are included insides to make it tastier and healthier.

Banh mi Thit xien (Bread with Grilled Pork)

Thit xien (Grilled Pork) is made from fresh pork sides, carefully marinated with oyster sauce, fish sauce, bee’s honey and other additives. Pork sides are then grilled on charcoal grill to have the best ripe.

Banh mi Thit Xien

Banh mi Thit Xien-source:

With a similar bland bread, replacing the fillings gives eaters a new flavor. Grilled pork breads are also filled with mayonnaise and chili sauce or slides of fresh chillies.

Banh mi Trung Op la

Fried-egg breads are extremely favored breakfast for Vietnamese. There are two ways to enjoy this kind of bread. The first one is that breads are filled with fried-eggs and picked vegetables. Also, soy sauce is added to make it tastier.

Bread with filling of fried-eggs

Bread with filling of fried-eggs-source:

The second type is eating bland breads with fried eggs served in a small pan. Nowadays, people start to put pate, pork rolls, cheese and even cold cuts above to make the meal more delicious. Also, picked vegetables, tomatoes and, especially chips are included. This type is usually eaten with soy sauce and chili sauce. Such breakfasts help people have an energy day.

A pan of fried-egg bread

A pan of fried-egg bread-source:

Banh mi Xiu mai (Bread with Pork Meatball)

Meatball can be made from pork or beef, but when it comes to “Xiu mai”, Vietnamese understand that it is made of pork.  A pork meatball has ground pork, fish sauce, chili sauce, cornstarch, garlics and green onions as basic ingredients. North Vietnam tours packages

Banh mi Xiu mai

Banh mi Xiu mai-source:

Banh mi Xiu mai is not added cheese or mayo as pork meatballs have puree on cooked. Such sauce is used to make the bread tastier.  Banh mi Xiu mai can also be enjoyed in two similar ways to Banh mi Trung Op La.

There are still much more fillings for Vietnamese Banh mi but these suggestions should be on your priority. Banh mi with these appetizing stuff insides will make you want to stay in Vietnam longer.

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