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Muong Hoa Valley – A romantic attraction for travelers to Sapa

Sapa, in Lao Cai province, is one of the most impressive tourist destinations in North Vietnam, attracting hundreds of visitors each year.  Coming to Sapa, many interesting places are waiting for visitors to explore such as Fansipan mountain, Sapa villages, Sapa waterfalls, O Quy Ho pass, etc. However, one of the most beautiful places in Sapa, called by the locals “Sapa’s paradise garden” that visitors cannot miss, is Muong Hoa valley.

Following the Silver waterfall in Sapa, you will set your foot in Muong Hoa, a pearl land hidden behind a mist. The immense green of dreamy mountains here will certainly make you captivated. For Sapa enthusiasts, Muong Hoa valley is like a specialty, and there are many ways to admire the beauty of Muong Hoa.

From Sapa town, passing a mountain road, travelers will be fascinated by the charming scenery of the sky and heaven converging here. This valley is like an inclined basin with Muong Hoa stream stretching 15 km, passing through the towns of Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao, and ending at Ban Ho. Muong Hoa is home to many ethnic groups such as H’Mong, Ta Van, Tay, etc.


Muong Hoa valley
Muong Hoa valley from the above

Things to do in Muong Hoa Valley

In Muong Hoa, there are many places to explore, suitable for travelers who like hiking, trekking during Vietnam tours.

Muong Hoa stream

Muong Hoa stream is downstream of one of the most famous Sapa waterfalls named Silver Waterfall. 22 small streams are originating from the forests, ravines flowing into Muong Hoa stream making this flow always alive. To easily move back and forth between the two banks, riverside residents build a rattan bridge over the stream. Bridges beautify the valley and also attract many tourists by taking unique photographic styles.


Muong Hoa stream
You can even swim in Muong Hoa stream

Sapa ancient rock

This strange stone carving area is interspersed with plants and terraced fields of ethnic minorities. Stretching over a length of over 4 km, 2 km wide with at least 159 stones, containing many mysterious images, the rock was once the focus of research of many scientists in Vietnam, Russia, France, Australia. However, until now no one has been able to explain their origin.


Sapa ancient rock
Sapa ancient rock

People find many carvings similar to the Dong Son culture, dating back 2,300 – 3,000 years. Many scientists agree that this is a great human legacy because it not only has an artistic meaning but is also very sacred spiritually.

The most beautiful terraced fields of Sapa

Sapa has a lot of terraced fields, but the most beautiful and largest, only the terraced system of this Muong Hoa valley. In the summer, the whole valley is full of life thanks to the green color of the rising rice. In the fall, the whole valley is changed into clothes by the golden color of ripe rice. Therefore, coming here, you will find each season with its own beauty


Muong Hoa valley
Muong Hoa valley – The most beautiful terraced fields of Sapa

In addition to the terraced fields of Sapa with steps leading up to the sky, near the valley, there are many colorful flowers, racing and blooming all year round.

Muong Hoa train

However, the best experience when coming to Sapa is taking the Muong Hoa train to enjoy the panoramic view of Muong Hoa valley as well as admire the Northwest rice season. Muong Hoa train is the most modern mountain climbing railway in Vietnam connecting Sapa town with Fansipan cable car station, officially launched on March 31, 2018. It definitely increases the experience for travelers to Sapa.

Previously, travelers had to climb halfway up the mountain to reward themselves with that spectacular view. However, not everyone can afford that activity. Therefore, thanks to Muong Hoa mountain climbing train, many foreign travelers have the chance to capture the sight of a green slope from an altitude of 1,600 m. From the transparent glass window of the old French-style train, the green terraced fields pass by, you might wish that the green journey could last longer.

With a total length of approximately 2 km, this is the longest mountain train route in Vietnam to date. It starts from MGallery Hotel in Sapa town and ends the journey in Fansipan cable car station area. The journey is going through 2 tunnels and 4 viaducts with a maximum speed of 10m/s, the capacity of 2,000 passengers/hour. The Muong Hoa mountain train route shortens the travel time to 6 minutes, instead of taking 15-20 minutes by car on the rugged mountain road.


Muong Hoa Train
Muong Hoa Train

Muong Hoa ticket price in 2020 is VND100,000 (Round trip)

Other activities

When reaching Fansipan cable car station, you will continue the journey to discover the Fansipan Legend. Crossing the Hoang Lien Son mountain range to admire the breathtaking Northwest mountains from the middle of the sky, travelers can finally conquer the legendary Indochina Roof.

Visiting Sapa, you can not only zoom in on the view of Hoang Lien mountains but also admire the magnificent cultural and spiritual population on the Fansipan peak area. An experience that visitors must try is to live in the Northwest, enjoy the moment with the minority ethnic group, join the H’Mong traditional dance, immerse in the flute sound or savor culinary flavors with a strong smell of kitchen smoke.


Fansipan cable car
Fansipan cable car with the view of Muong Hoa valley

Suggested Sapa tours

Sapa and especially the Muong Hoa valley have their own distinct charm, attracting countless foreign visitors each year. Admiring the Muong Hoa valley is one of the most wonderful things that travelers should not miss during Sapa Vietnam tours.


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