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Some destinations you should travel on International Woman Day

It is sometimes hard for people to express their love for their women, so Woman Day is a great time to honor them. Interestingly, Vietnamese women celebrate their days twice a year. One falls on March 8th – the International Woman Day. Do you have any idea to surprise your women on this occasion? So take into consideration these useful suggestions on how to make a Woman Day!

You’re wondering whether to choose how to organize an International Women’s Day is very meaningful:

  • Gifts?…> So ordinary
  • Donated teddy bears? …> Boring
  • Go to the cinema?…> Too familiar

Instead why not plan to “take her into hiding” somewhere really romantic with Indochina tours

take her into hiding in women days

take her into hiding in women days- source: internet

 Travel to Danang

Da Nang which is considered the most popular tourist cities about dreamy, it’s great if you visit the Bridge of Love heart shape. Bridge is located on the banks of the Han River,  next to the Dragon Statue Carp. Bridge of Love with cute locks is interesting and romantic places to visit for the couple.

the Bridge of Love heart shape in Danang

the Bridge of Love heart shape in Danang -source: internet

When couples come here to be a lock-pick the most pleasing and fastened to the bridge. The colorful locks often will not have the key to open the hope for lasting love, fidelity.

Great ideal, right?

colorful locks on bright

colorful locks on bright- source: internet

Travel to Dalat

Dalat is known as the “city of love”, “romantic city” so there is no reason that you are not with her arrived here to enjoy the beauty dreamy in Dalat.

Besides the beautiful scenery as the Valley of Love, Dambri waterful, Flower City Garden city, Mong Mo Hill, Golden Valley … you can walk with her under the winding ramps hidden in the mist, where have the pines tinged green in sunny yellow, colorful flowers surrounded ecstatic peaceful and quiet city.

Homestay in Dalat

Homestay in Dalat- source: internet

And when to Dalat, you don’t need luxury hotels, you book a the romantic homestay , not only expressed feelings with her but also relaxing moments away from the noisy and bustling city.

Homestay is a nice place to stay and send the  great space, the corner cafe to express your love wih her.

Travel to Nha Trang

Nha Trang is always attracted destination for women. Then this is also a destination that you need to refer to your plan. Traveling to Nha Trang, you will be relax at Thap Ba hot mineral.

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach- source: internet

Beside, Nha Trang has become renowed for pristine beachs, lush grag. There, you will admire the green color of the sky, the sea, the yellow sunny and the white cloudy. All of that creats a romantic scenery for your trip.

Travel to Sapa

Travel to Sapa you will admire the beauty of green and yellow the terraced fields with the blue sky and white clounds. All of them make your trips becom perfect.

Sapa- the cloud city

Sapa- the cloud city- source: internet

Especial, Sapa is the city in the clouds. Cloud around and joke with you. Then enjoy a cup of coffee together, there is nothing more wonderful.

If you have not chosen a destination for this year’s 8/3 occations, you can click private Vietnam tours to get more suggestions!

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