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Reasons to visit Sapa

Thanks to haze-covered mountains all year around, hospitable local tribes-people with beautiful smiles and the surprising but indisputable feel of a French Alpine town – although one with huge rice terraces, there is no difficulty finding reasons to visit Sapa. From Hanoi, take an overnight train ride and an epic bus ride, you will reach Sapa, which is should not be missed. Indochina travel Vietnam

Getting to Sapa

Train to Sapa

Train to Sapa – source: hanoisapatrain.com

Your ride getting to this town is half the fun – and it most definitely is an experience traveling to Sapa from Hanoi by train. The most popular choice of tourists is the overnight train, of which there are a large number of trains for them to opt for, so that they can wake to their first glimpses of the magnificent scenery. The train ride will end at Lao Cai. From there, you will get on a bus or minivan to pass through the marvelous mountains – every available inch of which is surrounded with huge rice terraces. If you are able organize your own private ride by car, do not forget to make a stop along the way to take many nice photos of the spectacular scenery. North Vietnam travel

Sapa’s picture-postcard setting

Picturesque setting

Picturesque setting – source: holiday-langkawi.com

Situated in a lovely valley with a small lake and surrounded by majestic mountains, the town of Sapa which is often enchantingly blanketed in mist, has an incredible picturesque setting. It is advisable to book a room with a stunning view here so that you can admire the significant changes to the vistas, particularly how the clouds hypnotize with their consecutive flow into the valley and over the beautiful hills. When the clouds and mist gradually disappear, there is no better word than “amazing” to describe the views of the surrounding mountains.

Stunning hill tribe culture

Ethnic people in Sapa

Ethnic people in Sapa – source: remotelands.com

In mountain settlements and villages around Sapa, you can find some eight different hill tribes regarded it as home. The most common of the ethnic minorities that you can meet is the Black Hmong, whose women can be easily realized with their beautiful black skirts and special leg warmers, pressed by the sparks of silver from their bedecks. Travelers coming to Sapa can easily meet many tribeswomen trek into Sapa every day to vend their meticulous handicrafts and each puts on a different costume so you will as soon as be able to differentiate the different features between the Flower Hmong, Red Dao, Xa Pho, Black Hmong, the Giay (‘Zay’) and White Hmong.

Trekking to Sapa’s hill tribe village

Go trekking in Sapa

Go trekking in Sapa – source: charitychallenge.com

Based on how long they plan to stay in Sapa, travelers can not only do a short half-day trekking through the Muong Ha Valley but also a two or even three-day trekking including an overnight stay in village homestays. Almost as soon as heading out of town, you will see part of the 30,000-hectare Hoang Lien National Park, whose scenery is bucolic. Green rice terraces are carved into impossibly precipitous mountains, including Mount Fasipan, the highest peak of Vietnam. Even though it is completely possible for you to hike independently, you will have much more out of the experience by being attached with a local guide and grabbing the stunning chance to interact with local families in villages as well as catching a closer glimpse into local life.

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