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Dong Xuan Night Market – where to go for Hanoi night life

Existing for hundreds of years since Vietnamese feudalism, Dong Xuan night market has become an interesting attraction in Hanoi appealing both Hanoians and foreign travelers. Let’s explore with: Travel Indochina Vietnam

Dong Xuan night market – a stunning tourist site

Night market in Hanoi

Night market in Hanoi- source: internet

Connected with a night market along Hang Dao walking street, the amazing Dong Xuan night market is held every day, especially in every Saturday and Sunday evening. However, the night market on Hang Dao Street is only takes place on weekends. These night markets are a fascinating rendezvous where Hanoians and travelers coming to Hanoi for their first time visit to enjoy Hanoi’s lively nightlife. Stretching from Hang Dao Street to Dong Xuan Market, stalls in the night market create such a splendid walking street crowded with boisterous and colorful sounds. Moreover, on every Saturday, Vietnam Musicians Association organizes many folk art performances such as Tru singing, Xam singing and Cheo singing.

Being home to various items such as clothes, souvenirs, jewelries, accessories and other goods, Dong Xuan night market – the unique Hanoi night market is also a paradise for shopping-holic. These goods there are beautifully displayed along streets in Old Quarter like Hang Bo, Hang Ma, Luong Van Can, Hang Duong and Hang Ngang. Even shopping is not the main purpose like coming to other markets, walking in this night market every weekend seems to be the hobby or favorite habit of many local people. Sometimes, Hanoians and international travelers come to this busy market to immerse in the dynamic and exciting atmosphere of Hanoi nightlife’s corner; chat with their friends and to sample many delicious street dishes.

What to expect in Dong Xuan night market

Xam singing in Dong Xuan night market

Xam singing in Dong Xuan night market -source: inetrnet

There are so many travelers coming to Hanoi with the hope luring into Dong Xuan night market at least once, enjoying street food sold at night market’s stalls and take a lot of unique photos. Alternatively, you can find the street artist and have them sketch your portrait to keep as a souvenir, an unforgettable memory about this capital city. Besides, you should not forget to give yourself, friends and family member some amazing items. At the night market, you are able to find many souvenirs sold with good quality and at affordable prices like those sold in other markets or stores on other streets. Many a traveler shows their great interest in handmade products and souvenirs reflecting Vietnamese style and culture.

It is also popular for tourists to go to the night market in Old Quarter to listen to songs of interesting traditional Xam singing. Folk art performances, as a rule, are held at Dong Xuan night market on Saturday evening. Not only because Dong Xuan welcomes the largest number of buyers and sellers on Saturday evening, Vietnam Musicians Association also chooses this time to hold this activity with the hope to create a very special cultural space and serve tourists. Lightened up in front of Dong Xuan Market, the artistic performance of Xam singing is the reason for the visit of many foreigners.

Explore culinary world at Dong Xuan Night Market

Explore culinary world at Dong Xuan Night Market

Explore culinary world at Dong Xuan Night Market -source: internet

One of should-not-miss things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter is exploring the stunning culinary world in this market. People coming to Dong Xuan night market not only for shopping, but also to watch the flow of people back and forth and enjoy distinctive traditional cuisine of Hanoi such as Bun dau mam tom, Bun oc and Pho.

While strolling through the busy night market, you can also find plenty of iconic Hanoi dishes including pho (noodle soup with beef or chicken), banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), Chinese Hot Pots, bloating fern-shaped cake (bánh bèo), bacon, grilled (nem chua), grilled sausages, Hai Phong bread, La Vong grilled fish, bun thang (rice vermicelli soup with shredded chicken, fried egg, and pork), bun cha (rice noodles served with grilled pork) and of course local beers with prices starting at VND 15,000 (less than $1) at two sides of the market. Private Vietnam tours

Dong Xuan night market - where to gDong Xuan night market - where to go for Hanoi nightlifeo for Hanoi nightlife

Dong Xuan night market – where to go for Hanoi nightlife -source: internet

While goods and facilities are mostly sold from Dong Xuan Market to Hang Giay Street, on the streets: Hang Ca, Ngo Gach, Hang Ma, Hang Ngang, Luong Van Can and Hang Duong, you can find clothes, toys, stationeries, sweets, decorations, salted dry fruit (ô mai) and sundry goods.

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