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Stunning dishes in Lang Son

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Stunning dishes in Lang Son

Situated on the northern border of Vietnam, Lang Son province is a much more popular destination for local traders than foreign tourists, yet thanks to two of the region’s culinary specialties, this province still deserves its place on Vietnam gastronomic map. Once coming to Lang Son, do not miss a chance to sample the unique local dishes. Indochina travel Vietnam

Khau nhuc in Lang Son

Khau nhuc in lang Son
Khau nhuc in Lang Son- Source:

Being a time consuming, meticulously prepared dish, khau nhuc, which is taro and pork dish, is widely served during the occasions of celebrations of the local ethnic minority tribes. All ingredients in this dish need to be available to properly be called khau nhuc.
What sets the dish apart is the texture of a combination of roasted pork loin marinated with aroma, the flavor, spices and honey. What make the dish is special is the use of tau soi leaves which is a pickled herb used by the Tay ethnic people. They finely chop and mix these leaves with a special mix of dried spices and soy sauce and applied to the meat to well marinade for about 15 to 20 minutes. They serve khau nhuc on the plate resembling an up-ended basket.  They weave all the strips of pork loin together and cover a steamed taro core.

Roast duck with ‘moc mat’ leaves

Roast duck with moc mat leaves
Roast duck with moc mat leaves- Source:

Although it is easy to find roasted duck all across Asia, Vietnamese style roast duck is still worthy of international consideration. Made of a local herd called ‘moc mat’ and finely chopped cardamom, anise, chili, pepper, onion and garlic, the perfect stuffing mixture is the most important element creating the unique flavor.
They dip the duck in boiling laced honey water, roast it over coals for around 15 minutes and then deep-fry for another 15 minutes to produce the glossy, mouth-watering skin. Although cooked whole, this dish is served in carved pieces. Besides having a spicy kick to it, the meat is also tender and juicy. Thanks to the unique three-stage cooking process, the thin, crispy skin does not have a fatty feel to it. north Vietnam travel packages

Roasted pig –”lon quay”

Roasted pig
Roasted pig- Source:

Anyone having a chance to enjoy Lang Son roasted pork stuffed with Mac mat fruit and leaves, surely cannot forget the flavor of the indispensable specially and luxury dish present in all parties of Lang Son people. Sophisticated processed by artisan, delicious roasted pork has a unique and special flavor combining taste of Mac Mat leaf and fruit together with forest honey and of course, done roasted pork.
For both locals and foreigners, it is not easy to say no to “Lon quay” dish. Although delicious for many reasons, “lon quay” Lang Son is exceptional with the major distinct taste of the dish coming from the stunning flavor of a kind of sweet leaf known as “Mac mat”. They soak the leaf with flavoring powder, fish sauce, spices and glutamate, then stuff it into clean pig belly and place it on reverted furnace. To make the skin turn brittle and golden, they spread the whole pig with watery honey, and when the process finishes, pork meat is sweet-smelling and soft.

Cao Sang cake

Cao sang cake
Cao sang cake- Source:

Described with tough, flexible, soft and honey color, Cao Sang cake is served in shape of rectangular pieces, sprinkled with mashed roasted peanuts. You will enjoy this dish with a simple sauce mixed together with coriander, chili and sugar. You can go to Phai Mon slope, near Ky Lua market to sample Cao Sang cakes.
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