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Top things to do for Hanoi nightlife

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Top things to do for Hanoi nightlife

If you want to enjoy something really energetic after a long day exploring all that Vietnam’s capital city has to offer, let’s check out some suggestions on the list of nightlife! Tours Indochina Vietnam

  1. 1. Hanoi Street Foods

Hanoi street food tour
Hanoi street food tour- source: internet

Well, regarding to Hanoi nightlife, the idea of sampling street foods, experiencing one of the most awesome street food cities in the word and unlocking the hidden secrets of the capital city’s Old Quarter as well as its cuisine, is very attractive to almost every traveler. Dong Xuan market – Hanoi’s largest market is where you can start your evening walking tour. Have your tour guide give you a closer insight of the traditions and the intricacies of the culture of Vietnamese food, including the details of ingredients together with historical backgrounds of popular northern dishes. Don’t forget to sample seasonal fruit as well as stunning French-inspired dishes from the street cart.
Some dishes to try in Hanoi
Some dishes to try – source: internet

Then, a chance to observe the local life of Hanoians is waiting for you when you wander the street stalls and many quiet residential lanes. Sitting down with Hanoians and enjoying a wide variety of meat, vegetable and bread specialties that are flame-grilled over hot coals for additional flavor is another great idea that that you will hardly find anywhere else in the world. Venture down the small alley to enjoy fresh fruits which are served in a cup and smothered with crushed ice and condensed milk if you want to treat yourself a dessert. A hidden café with great views over the picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake – one of the best kept secrets of Hanoi is where you go next. Here, you can try a unique local delicacy called egg coffee while watching the busy city center right below. Go for a cold beer if coffee is not your choice. Wandering around Hanoi streets to enjoy street foods gives you a unique experience about this old city though it does not bring to you the most stunning circumstance of Hanoi nightlife. North Vietnam tours

  1. 2. Funky Buddha Club

Funky Buddha Club
Funky Buddha Club- source: internet

When it comes to Hanoi nightlife, Funky Buddha Club is a famous place for those who are interested in bass heavy beats. There, you will encounter a young crowd of a lot of locals, expats backpackers as well as foreign tourists. This two-storey, narrow bar and club in the center of Hanoi Old Quarter’s area celebrates music all night long. Until the fairly strict police step in does the music get louder steadily. There is a live DJ there nightly and beverages are rather reasonable.

  • Location: No.2 Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem District.
  • Opening Hours: 5 PM – 11 PM
  1. 3. Hanoi Press Club

Hanoi Press Club
Hanoi Press Club- source: internet

Offering great service and a sophisticated ambiance, Hanoi Press Club is another destination for an interesting Hanoi nightlife. Along with some delicious bar snacks, in this upscale bar, you will enjoy excellent wines and cocktails. On every Thursday, this greatly stocked bar a special promotion of buy-1-get-1-free of beverages and there is live music from Thursday to Sunday.

  • Location: No 12 Ly Dao Thanh Street, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 11 AM – 3 PM & 5 PM – late
  1. 4. Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi Opera House
Hanoi Opera House- source: internet

Though Hanoi Opera House is not really an impressive idea when it comes to Hanoi nightlife, it still gives you a chance to explore a new side of the capital city. Just simply spend your nighttime at an opera or a live musical performance here at the most iconic example of colonial architecture throughout Vietnam, then, you will get exceptional memory in mind. Make sure to check with the concierge at the hotel so as to see if there is any performance scheduled according to your time as shows are not constantly performed there. Even when there is no special performance scheduled here, this place in the central area of the French Quarter is worth a visit at night.
Established in 1911 by the French, this building, which features with Gothic themes, featuring through shuttered windows, pillars, balconies and glass rooms, is the largest theatre in the world and speaks volumes as the national historical and cultural evidence under the French rule. In fact, this building’s interior is much more outstanding than its exterior. Visiting this site, guests will be entertained. From traditional folk music, Vietnamese opera, international concerts to ballets, there are various performances.

  • Location: No.1 Trang Tien Street,

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