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Sapa weather – All you need to know

Sapa is a famous tourist destination for North Vietnam tours, with majestic, beautiful scenes, friendly people, unique customs, culture, etc. All of these features make Sapa poetic and charming. With thousands of travelers visiting each year, Sapa is gradually changing to harmonize the development while retaining its inherent natural and cultural beauty. If you are planning on a journey to Vietnam, do not miss this exciting place. To have a wonderful time in Sapa, you must take note of Sapa weather to find out the best time to visit Sapa.


Sapa weather
Sapa has different beauty at a different time of the year

Sapa location

You might wonder why the site is the first thing you should know before finding out the weather of Sapa. The reason is that the exceptional position of this region makes its climate different from other neighbor lands.

Sapa is located on the ground at an altitude of 1500 to 1650 meters on the slope of Lo Su Tong Tong mountain. At the top of this mountain, you can see in the southeast of Sapa that it is at an altitude of 2228 meters. At Sapa center, by looking down from the town, you can find Ngoi Dum Valley in the east and Muong Hoa Valley in the southwest.

With the position of Northern Vietnam, Sapa should have been a humid tropical monsoon climate. However, due to its high terrain, Sapa has a moist, temperate climate all year round with the average annual air temperature being 15°C.

Therefore, together with the majestic natural scenery, favorable climate, Sapa is a place that you can visit at any time of the year.

Sapa in spring

Spring in Vietnam is the season of life, of vigorous vitality, the season of nature recovery and development. Miraculously, that proliferation in the spring of Sapa takes place peacefully and quiet, without being the hustle and bustle like in the delta regions.

By the time of spring, even though Sapa has warmed up, it still has the weather of mountainous areas with a little bit cold air that is a strangely comfortable atmosphere. Spring in Sapa usually has an ideal temperature threshold of 15 – 18°C without rain. Sapa in February until April or the first week of May is the most beautiful time in the spring. If you visit Sapa at this time, you will have the chance to admire the immense beauty of the flower forests, including plums, peach blossoms, etc. If you want to come to see the peaches, it is essential to learn carefully before going because the weather is different each year.


Sapa spring
Flower season in spring of Sapa

Notably, early spring in Sapa town is a great experience for you to discover the beautiful scenery of a strange city. Indeed, if you wake up early in the morning, you will be immersed in the sea of ​​clouds covering the hills, valleys, and villages of Sapa. Walk a few rounds, breathe cool fresh air will make you feel like you are lost in a fairyland only in fairy tales.

Sapa in the summer

Usually starts from late May to early August every year, summer in Sapa is not subject to the intense sun like in the delta or coastal provinces. The temperatures in summer are around 20-25°C in the daytime and lower 13-15°C at night. Therefore, if you want to avoid the hot weather in the summer, you can come to Sapa to relax and enjoy the great climate here.

Moreover, as Sapa is about 1,650 meters above sea level, the summer weather in the town in a day has the features of four seasons. While the morning brings the hallmarks of spring, noon is like summer with sunny, afternoon has clouds and fresh air as in autumn; and the night is the cold of winter.


Sapa summer

Sapa in the summer allows you to have a clear view of the region

Sapa in Autumn

Although each season of the year Sapa has its beauty, in autumn, the highland shows a very different charm. It is said that the best time to visit Sapa during the year is probably in the autumn from late August to November. At this time, the weather has become calm, pleasant with a little breeze, sunshine, which is a favorable condition for you to discover Sa Pa.

In particular, this is the harvest season on terraced fields, creating a beautiful landscape. From about September to October, the terraced fields in Sa Pa are dressed in brilliant yellow. What is even more particular about the crop is that there is only one crop for six months in Sapa from early May. The Telegraph has listed Sapa’s terraces in autumn at 6th position among top 10 most colorful fanciful landscapes in the world that visitors should once enjoy and travel.

With that, you must visit Sapa in autumn to admire the beautiful terraced fields. These fields are not only merely art drawn from the hard-working, diligent “artists” of the bare land, but also a valuable asset of the people in Lao Cai.


Sapa autumn
Autumn is the harvest season in Sapa

 Sapa in the winter

Coming to Sapa in winter, you must be able to withstand the cold characteristic of the mountainous areas. Sapa weather in December until March is often cloudy with the temperatures sometimes being below 0 ° C.

In recent years, as the weather has become harsh, the time of snow weather is longer and harder. White snow of up to half a meter thick erases all creatures, houses in the region. Because it is hard to determine the snowing days accurately, you have to continuously update the weather situation on TV, radio, or with the hotel.


Sapa winter
Snow in Sapa winter

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That is all you need to know about Sapa weather. You must have a plan for your Sapa Vietnam tours now, right? I wish you have the best time in this pristine city during Vietnam travel.


Phuong Dao – Travel Specialist

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