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Reasons to visit Vietnam

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Reasons to visit Vietnam

Vietnam is often placed in a comparison chart as they decide where to go next: will Vietnam, Hongkong, Laos or Thailand be worth my precious vacation by most travelers. Will that place make my kids excited? As a single woman traveler, will I encounter any problems? Let’s discover reasons why you should put Vietnam on the agenda for your upcoming trip. north Vietnam tours


Reasons to visit Vietnam
Reasons to visit Vietnam-source: Internet

Among budget travelers, Vietnam is such a very well-known destination. The price here is still much cheaper than travelling in other continents although it is climbing monthly at a daunting rate. For every wallet, there is almost every price: you will have to pay an equivalent amount of a 3 star hotel near JFK airport when enjoying services in a 5-star quality resort in Danang. There are a wide range of guest-houses and hostels in most cities for lower end market. You have to pay even much less for food and Vietnamese street foods are ranked among the best in the world. That says, you can get by a day with $15, even in biggest metropolitan areas like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Capital City.

A nowhere-to-be-found unique travel experience

Unique travel experience in Vietnam
Unique travel experience in Vietnam-source: Internet

No matter what kind of the off-the-beaten-path experience that you are all looking for, Vietnam has to offer you all. From taking stunning photos over the spectacular sunrise in Hoi An to sand-surfing with local kids in Mui Ne to staying with a hospitable ethnic family in the Northern mountain area of Sapa – you can name them all. All about yourself is a unique travel experience and there are so much to discover after all is the best part about this compelling country.

Exquisite cuisines

Pho is the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine
Pho is the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine-source: Internet

For anyone who has always been a big fan of Vietnamese food, Vietnamese exquisite cuisines are a must. Le Lotus Blanc on Bourgogne of Paris, Nam Son near Bowery- New York and Pho Hung on Spadina – Toronto – though all doing an awesome job, they can never serve food as authentic as the those served in Vietnam. Going beyond spring rolls and pho, Vietnamese cuisine varies by regions: poultry and meat are rising in popularity while fresh vegetables continue to dominate the tables. You can enjoy plenty of fresh seafood caught in the early morning and served in your dinner at very affordable price near the beach such as Danang and Nha Trang. Can be shared between 2 people, a big size king crab costs you about $8. Laos travel packages

Easy and fast immigration process

Easy and fast immigration process
Easy and fast immigration process-source: Internet

Why would you need a visa to enter Vietnam while you are granted free 30 day entry to Ecuador and Thailand, at first, applying for a visa to Vietnam seems stressful. Vietnam requires you anyway, having been made quiet easy, the whole process makes you less tired. Vietnam visas can also be granted upon arrival, besides visa at the embassy. Applying online for your approval letter via an amount of online travel companies, which are plentiful on the net are all you need to do. You will receive the email of the visa letter after 2 days. It will take only about a 3-5 working days if you leave close to the embassy.

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