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New Year's Flowers in Vietnam

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New Year's Flowers in Vietnam

Being the time when Vietnamese people enjoy life, Tet holidays are the days of joy, happiness and relaxation. And like Western people use pine tree to decorate their house for Christmas Holiday, Vietnamese also use many kinds of flowers and plants (some of which are thought to be the traditional flowers for Tet Holiday), to decorate their house in this special occasion. There are several names to be listed out such as: lavender, Mao Ga flower, paperwhite flower, Chrysanths, marigold, to name a few. Although not being so popular yet, nowadays, red roses, yellow roses, pink roses and orchid are also used by some people. And above all, marumi kumquat, peach flower and ochna integerrima are 3 most popular kinds of plants that can not be missing in Tet holidays. north Vietnam packages

New Year’s flowers in Vietnam
New Year’s flowers in Vietnam -source: internet

People in the South are familiar with ochna itegerrima for Tet holidays while people in the North prefer marumi kumquat and peach flowers. The characteristics of the plants are another reason. Ochna integerrima just can survive in tropical lands with lots of sunshine while peach trees and marumi kumquat only grow well in cold weather.

Peach flower
Peach flower- source: internet

For this amazing tradition, local people in 2 different parts of Vietnam have their own explanations. Northern people think that while most other kinds of flowers still stay silent, peach flowers blossom in spring – during Tet holidays and symbolize brave heart as well as the strong vitality. In addition, Vietnamese people can feel the spreading love and joy through the bright pink color of peach flowers in this special time of the year. You can see 2 kinds of peach flower: Hanoi’s specialty peach with dark pink color (nearly red) at Nhat Tan’s flower garden and light peach with light pink color.

They tell a differen story about marumi kumquat flower. An excellent symbol for wealth and happiness for the beautiful New Year is a marumi kumquat tree with all 5 characteristics: full of branches, flowers, leaves, fruits and roots. The useful tips to choose a lucky plant are generated accordingly: the tree must have both green and ripe fruits, brand new bud and mature leaves- which represent luck and wealth that will come to the family in the upcoming year.

Marumi kumquat flower
Marumi kumquat flower- source: internet

Meanwhile, there is another meaning in the ochna integerrima in the South region. The golden yellow of the flower represents the aristocratic origins of Vietnamese people (in folktales, it is believed that the ancestors of Vietnamese is a couple of female fairy and male dragon). In addition, through the high number of splendid and colorful blossom of the flower in Tet holidays, you can also feel the passionate love and wealth among people. Indochina travel Laos

Ochna integerrima
Ochna integerrima -source: internet

While some people even try to get peach flower trees/branches from the mountains due to its impressive vitality, other Vietnamese usually buy those special plants from the flower market from lunar mid-December and keep them fresh by watering daily until lunar mid-January of the New Year. Even, until the end of the lunar January, you can see some flower branches in some families.

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