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Mi Quang – the soul of Danang’s cuisine

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Mi Quang – the soul of Danang’s cuisine

Not only well known for many stunning landscapes, hospitable locals, Danang also makes itself an attractive destination for its delicious culinary specialties. And among uncountable Danang dishes, Mi Quang Danang is one of the most famous ones. If you miss Mi Quang when visiting Danang, it is deficient. As Quang noodle is available everywhere in Danang, you can easily to enjoy this dish. Enjoy Mi Quang with: Travel Indochina Vietnam
Mi Quang Danang
Mi Quang Danang- source: internet

Only finely milled rice is used to make noodles, mixed with additives for soft and chewy noodles, and then this mixture will be overlaid and cut into thin strips (2mm each). On top of the noodle bowl is shrimp, chicken and a little pork bone broth while under layers of noodle are some types of fresh vegetables. And finally, chopped green onion, red peppers and mints and crushed roasted peanuts are added.
Unlike most normal noodle soups, whose broth covers almost completely the noodles, Quang noodles have only enough broth to barely cover all the noodles in each bowl. It is barely enough to slurp during the meal. Eat your bowl of Quang noodles as fast as possible, otherwise the noodles will generally quickly soak up the broth. Though some regional and family recipes will use chicken and even duck to cook the broth, generally, Quang noodles are pork and dried shrimp broth based. The richness and the lack of the broth together with the crushed peanut toppings on the noodles are what make Quang noodle soups outstanding.
In that pot above, you can find the mystery of Quang noodles. This is Quang noodle sauce or nuoc sot mi Quang in Vietnamese, which makes the stock a smidgen spicy and slightly sweet. Rice, meat and vegetables are this dish’s main ingredients. After soaking rice in water, they will ground it to a fine powder and make it into lovely smooth white noodles. Water morning-glory, young banana flowers, cress and herbs are accompanying vegetables. Centre Vietnam tours
Mi Quang has only enough broth to slurp during your meal
Mi Quang has only enough broth to slurp during your meal- source: internet

There are a lot of Quang noodles restaurants in Danang and Quang Nam, each of which is well known for a certain recipe. For example, Tuy Loan, Hoa Vang District, Danang City is famous for chicken noodles while Thanh Chiem Village in Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province is where you can find shrimp noodles at its best.
Where to go for Mi Quang in Danang
It is possible to enjoy the typical flavor of the soups in a Quang noodle kiosk in Danang City, for example: Vi Quang Noodle at No 155 Trung Nu Vuong Street; Lu Quang Noodle at Ham Nghi Street; Ngan Quang Noodle at No 108 Dong Da Street and so on.
Thi Restaurant
In this very clean, crowded Quang Noodle restaurant, depending on the types of noodles you choose, such as chicken, snakehead, egg and frog noodles, you can find a bowl delicious Mi Quang with reasonable prices ranging from VND 18,000 to 30,000. A VND 30,000 is an extremely tasty special noodle type.

  • Address: at No 251 Hoang Dieu Street

Ba Mua Restaurant

Let’s enjoy Mi Quang for meal
Let’s enjoy Mi Quang for meal- source: internet

One of the most popular restaurants in Danang with a lot of branches, Ba Mua Restaurant serves delicious Quang noodles at rather high price – down to VND 25000 per bowl.

  • Address: at No 19 Tran Binh Trong Street

Mi Quang Ba Vi – Mrs Vi Restaurant
Mi Quang Ba Vi at No 166 Le Dinh Duong, Danang is a good address to sample delicious Quang noodles. Moreover, what puts Quang noodle taste here to perfection is fried spring rolls. It costs from VND 30.000 to 55.000 (USD $1.3-2.4) for a bowl of Mi Quang here.
Mi Quang 1A – 1A Mi Quang Restaurant
Quang noodle restaurant at No 1 Hai Phong Street serves 2 main kinds of Quang noodle: chicken and shrimp. In addition to normal Mi Quang, you can also order special noodles dishes for higher price. A bowl of Mi Quang here costs from VND 25,000 to 30,000 (around USD$1).
Recently, there has been a new fresh type of Quang noodles appearing, whose name makes people really curious: Quang frog noodles. Instead of using meat, shrimp or chicken, they use frog, which brings delicious but innovative taste, to cook the broth.
My Quang Ech restaurant

A bowl at My Quang Ech
A bowl at My Quang Ech- source: internet

Among a lot of Danang local specialties served at this restaurant, Quang Frog Noodle is the most unique one as well as what sets this restaurant apart from other delicious noodle restaurants in Danang. A bowl of Mi Quang Ech costs VND 28.000 (~USD $1).

  • Address: No 24 – 25 Le Hong Phong and No 441- Ong Ich Khiem Quang

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