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Golden Bridge Vietnam – A new art of mankind

Golden Bridge Vietnam – A new art of mankind

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Golden Bridge Vietnam – A new art of mankind

When it comes to the center of Vietnam, Danang is one of the must – see destination. This city is situated besides lovely beach in Quang Nam province; it is not only endowed with amazing natural scenery but also man – made sites. Among that, the Golden Bridge Vietnam has recently emerged as a phenomenon and famous attraction all over the world.

Golden bridge Vietnam
Golden bridge from the above

Introduction to the Golden Bridge Vietnam

The Golden Bridge’s location

Cau Vang, or as known as the Golden Bridge Vietnam, lies exactly in Thien Thai Garden of Sun World Ba Na Hills, An Son Village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Danang. This masterpiece is actually the new adding to Ba Na Hills, a resort and amusement complex situating 20 km away from Danang city. It was not until June 2018 that this bridge was completed after one year of construction and introduced to the public. The pedestrian walkway is designed by a domestic company, showing a great creative ability of the Vietnamese people. Being 1,414 meters from the sea level, the bridge is to connect the foot of mountain in Ba Na Hills to Thien Thai flower garden.

Its design

Golden Bridge Vietnam has gained its fame from the ground – breaking and bold architecture. There are giant grey hands holding the bridge. Looking from afar, the bridge is stunning and a little old, nostalgic. In fact, it is the intention of the architect to give the bridge a weathered – like appearance. Though it is novel, it seems to be there for such a long time because the designer decorated the hands with cracks and mosses. The hands are said to be hands of God, and he is pulling a strip of gold out of the land.

Golden bridge Vietnam
The two giant grey hands holding the bridge

The length of Cau Vang is 150 meters, divided into 8 spans; the longest one is 21.2m. When seeing Golden Bridge through pictures, many people thought the hands were made by stone carvings but it is not how it looks like. After constructing the hands, they covered them by steel mesh and then finishing by fine fiberglass. The 150 – meter – bridge is colored in yellow and lined with Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers along both sides. Walking on the bridge, tourists can observe the panoramic landscape beneath. Sometimes, you can feel like walking in the clouds because of its high altitude.
Since the bridge first became known widely by the public, it quickly gets to be popular to both domestic and foreign travelers. This strange architecture has helped Danang developed tourism even more than it used to. Recently, Golden Bridge was chosen to be in the list of top 10 bridges with unique design in the world.

How to get to the Golden Bridge

In order to get on the Golden Bridge, tourists will need to use a cable car. The cable car system in Ba Na Hills is listed as the longest single cable car in Southeast Asia. It will take around 20 minutes to reach the mountain. The bridge is open daily from 8.AM to 6:30.PM daily but to avoid being in the crowd, you should visit the site during weekdays. Entrance ticket to Ba Na Hills is VND700,000 for one adult and VND550,000 for one kid. Children under 1m3 are free of charge.

How to take striking pictures with the Golden Bridge

The bride in specific and Danang in general has become a tourism hot spot for eager travelers and photographers thanks to one more reason: this is the place where you can get amazing photos! Here are some tips, even for amateurs, in order to have a pretty shot.

Golden bridge Vietnam
This is the place where you can get amazing photos

Tip number 1

Once getting out of cable car, you should stand right at the onset in order to have an overview of Golden Bride like this. From this point, you can show others a panoramic view, especially from the great altitude. The bridge is winding in the sky and rises over the tree tops.

Tip number 2

If you want to be the focus in a photo, this spot is so ideal to highlight yourself. Of course, you need to have someone else help you to take photo or you can set the tripod here. With this angle, the magnificence of Golden Bridge is shown and it feels like human is confronting the great work made by them.

Golden bridge Vietnam

Tip number 3

Golden Bridge is so beautiful without any doubt, you should add some photoshops to the pictures however with hope to generate such a romantic and dreaming art work like this. And taking pictures from above is also a good idea (if you able to only) in order to demonstrate the gorgeousness of the man’s masterpiece.

Other sites to visit in Ba Na Hills

After enjoying the views from Golden Bridge, you can continue visiting other exciting parts of Ba Na Hills. French Village is one of these to see. The village depicts a romantic and classic France with a complex of squares, churches and towns. Coming to the French village, tourists will feel like they are in Europe and experiencing such an antique atmosphere.

Golden bridge Vietnam
French Village in Ba Na Hills

Besides, Le Jardin D’Amour Flower garden will also make you amazed by the beauty of a variety of flowers. The garden is divided in to 9 smaller gardens with distinct nuance: Legend Garden, Mo Spring Garden, Memory Garden, Thought Garden, Love Garden, Holy Garden, Heaven Garden, Secret Garden, Grape Garden.

Golden bridge Vietnam
The romantic flower garden in Ba Na Hills

If you are into participating in activities, make sure you do not miss the Fantasy Park which was designed and built based on 2 well – known novels of writer Jules Verne: “Journey into the Center of the Earth” and “Twenty Thousand Marks under the Sea”. The theme park has plenty of attractive games for the young and is a good place for tourists in general to come and have relaxing time. You also can combine the trip to Ba Na Hills to see Golden Bridge if you come to Hoi An. Hoi An, an old and well – preserved town, is only around 60 km from Ba Na Hills.

Golden bridge Vietnam
Fantasy Park – a place full of enjoyment in Ba Na Hills

In general, the Golden Bride Vietnam is not simply a new introduction to the foreign visitors. This attraction will be sure to make your Vietnam tours 2019 in general and in the central part much more thrilling!

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