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Dear  world  travelers,

Since before the name Indochina became one of the world’s favored destinations to overseas travelers, I had long been in the industry as senior travel consultant and tour leader. From programming ideas and giving advice to directing both groups and independent travelers, I found my deep passion and dream in sharing Indochina with the rest of the world. Traveling extensively with this great passion has given me, and later my team, a broader mind of travel services and has consistently earned us widespread positive relations throughout the region. It was time for Indochina Voyages to be borned, in the late 2006.

Today, we have become the unrivalled and reliable tour operator in Indochina, especially in our homeland, Vietnam. From the time being, we have partnered and developed a strong relationship with many agents and hotels, which enables us to obtain the best deals possible and allows us to pass these savings to our valued clients. Moreover, apart from the team of experienced sale associates, our dynamic staffs of tourism-industry graduates have established ties with relevant local authorities and numerous historical site management boards. This makes it possible for Indochina Voyages to be ready to cater to all of your desires and travel needs such as designing refined, tailor-made trips to host events for companies who expect an exotic team-building experience overseas.

Outlined by the concept of private travel services, Indochina Voyages holds fast with our business mission “to offer customized, unique, refined and luxurious trips to the travelers”. The whole team has been working hard to find new routes and undiscovered paths, to offer fast reply communication system and to provide our unique products at the best price possible. Meanwhile, we entrust our business to leading and reputable financial institutions around the world in order to ensure a highly secure, worry-free and easy payment system to our valued clients when they approach us. “Lowest possible rates but highest possible delivery, listen well to cater exceed expectations”, this has always been our work ethic and attitude as to practices and we do this to provide the highest quality of services you deserve.

We understand the ultimate goal of travel is to discover and to learn more about the destinations, which is why we aggressively focus on the details, on arranging new itineraries while being selective and, most importantly, on offering tour guides who are truly dedicated to their jobs and who will strive to keep you busy and amazed with unique findings on the road. In our website, you can easily follow our own-edited WordPress blog and Facebook fanpage where exotic customs, traditional practices of the region, tips or updates of the destinations and even personal’s insights of our travel experts. That would help you to know who you are dealing with directly, travel tips of the local places you are planning to visit… This effort is to share our world with the travelers and to help you unveil the secrets of Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand in a way you will find to be practical, educational and, most of all, unforgettable.

Indochina being the hottest but safest destination ever with many a wonders listed in Patricia Schultz’s book “A Thousand Places To See Before You Die”, we kindly invite the overseas travelers come to explore our world and entrust your trip to Indochina Voyages, a luxurious travel purveyor that makes your holiday unforgettable, beyond the ordinaries and filled with unique experiences.

With warm regards,

Tim Lee
Founder & MD, Indochina Voyages