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Taste best street foods in Can Tho

Located in the heart of South West river region prosperous, Can Tho has difficulty delicious specialties refrain. There are many best street foods to taste while traveling to Can Tho. Travel Indochina

  1. Pancake with coconut tofu

Pancakes want thin crust is delicious and crispy, and the fire to them so that when pouring flour into bread to where the nine are. The head chef also be extremely agile to the powder in the mold will be spread out, the large size.

Pancake with coconut tofu

Pancake with coconut tofu – source: travel.com.vn

Coconut tofu is the top of a coconut tree, deep in the body, including shoots not erupt outside and petioles. After the harvest will be clean and ret trim. Chefs will mix with coconut tofu tubers other materials such as peeled shrimp, julienne pork prices. Especially, with the western dish usually green beans inside, eating with aromatic, fleshy and sweet. Crust is poured into the mold to complete the staff. After a few minutes you have a jar of coconut discs tubers pancakes gold cumbersome, fragrant.

To complete the dish needed more sauce typical of bread. Fish sauce is diluted, mixed with pepper, sugar, lemon and some chopped garlic cloves. Rather not diluted with water, many places use coconut water should you eat to feel the taste just right to cool bar.

  1. Banh cong

“Banh cong” is bread drain of local people, has cheap again, who did not easily forget to eat once. Cakes called especially by baking mold shaped like a heart deep drain. Mixed dough after mixing will be poured slowly into the mold, inside the mixture of green beans, minced meat (fried ripe was before), fresh shrimp should have a very particular flavor.

Banh cong

Banh cong – source: loca.vn

Cake is the perfect tribute to the hot food with enough vegetables such as lettuce, green cabbage, lettuce, hung, cinnamon … A cake can be split into 4 sections, for vegetables and rolls back to cup in sauce. Sauce mix traditional formula should just sweet, medium acidity, medium spicy cool

  1. Dried mango salad with colorful fish

Dried mango salad with colorful fish Can Tho is a famous dish in the culinary Tho simple but yet makes so many diners “nuts.” Dried mango salad Tho colorful fish are processed very simple, does not take much effort, but this dish has flavor extremely charming.

Dried mango salad with colorful fish

Dried mango salad with colorful fish – source: yume.vn

Dry fragrance of colorful fish and aroma of laksa leaves, sour mango sauce was soaked road, the sweetness of the carrot and the onion slightly pungent essence made for bold dishes countryside Can Tho river but very attractive diners.

Can Tho is rich cuisine place, characterized by bold Southwest, which crystallized from specialty dishes from the local area in the Mekong River delta.

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