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How to ruin a trip to Hanoi

Blending ancient temples and contemporary beauty, Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam is a popular stop of most travelers on their trips to Hanoi. To have an unforgettable holiday in Hanoi, you should know how to ruin a trip here to avoid them. Indochina tours in Vietnam

  1. Only eat at restaurants with English menus
Do not only eat at restaurants with English menus

Do not only eat at restaurants with English menus – source: minmaxtravel.com

Hanoi is very famous for its really, really stunning food. Vietnamese sustenance is appreciated as one of freshest, healthiest, and the most amazingly simple food in the world. Unhappily, all restaurants gearing toward tourists try their best to fix all this up in an effort to attract the stereotyped Western taste. Once coming to the Southeast Asia, you may have a chance to go to restaurants offering 178 choices on the menu together with everything from “traditional” food to Mexican dishes as well as fish and chips in English-style.

Traditional Vietnamese eateries are not about serving customers a hundred different banal options, but rather offering one or two that are non-imperfection. In Hanoi, certain neighborhoods are major in certain kinds of dishes. For those who are looking for the best place to enjoy pho bo (rice noodle soup topped with thin slices of high standard beef and fresh herbs, well known as the national dish of Vietnam), Bat Dan Street is the best choice. Forget your sanitation demands and enjoy the best BBQ chicken that you have never expected on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, which is nicknamed as “Chicken Street.” Travel to Vietnam

  1. Let getting ripped off being continuously hassled by hawkers
Hawker in Hanoi

Hawker in Hanoi – source: yarrowgypsies.com

In Hanoi, you can see a large number of people trying to sell you things. Chewing gum, cigarettes, wallets, pink furry stuffed animals — you name it and they will be sent to you.

Take this storyline. You are sitting at a roadside café shop enjoying a ca phe sua and somebody approaches you with a basket full of imitation of Ray-Bans. If you are interested in the sweet pair of neon pink sunnies, exchange as much as you can stomach. But if you do not want them, confidently and politely say no in Vietnamese and certainly the hawkers will be so impressed that you try your best to speak Vietnamese, they will leave.

Although, more than likely, they will keep on selling to you, or unemotionally staring at you while you awkwardly dissemble them, until they get bored and move on. Getting hassled or ripped off cannot be avoided in Hanoi, this is the truth. You will often pay more than a couple of dollars, which in the scheme of things matters very little. Keep your sense of humor — it is definitely all part of the adventure.

  1. Take the wrong taxi or fail to bargain a price in advance
Mai Linh taxi

Mai Linh taxi – source: vforum.vn

In all cases, remember to take Mai Linh taxis. Since being metered, they are generally the most credible brand for both foreigners and locals. Although they are very popular throughout the city, if you cannot manage to catch one, discuss the price with a taxi driver in advance. It is possible that you end up paying a little more than Mai Linh, but you can save yourself from the stacked meter scheme that many tricky taxis employ.

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