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The Old Town Hoi An

Hoi an, a peaceful meeting place

If once you have set foot in Vietnam, you should not miss a chance to visit a beautiful town situated in the middle of the S-shaped land. The seaside town Hoi An is basically a living museum featuring a unique mixture of East and West in the form of its old-town architecture. In December 1999

Baked Nem

Famous street vendors food in Hanoi (Part 1)

There is one thing that you should not miss when you come to Hanoi, sneak in small streets to find one of the most traditionally delicious food, feed you tummy full and still keep your budget economical! 1.      Grilled Nem Chua- no. 10 Au Trieu Street This place is open from 2pm till midnight. You

Pho bo – Pho served with beef

5 dishes visitors to Ha Noi – Viet Nam should not miss

It is undeniable that one of the most interesting parts of touring is trying local food. Among a wide variety cuisine, The Indochina Voyages Team would like to recommend to you some amazing dishes that visitors to Ha Noi would never regret tasting. 1. Pho (Phở) This kind of rice noodle soup has become universally

Paradise Cave - The Longest Cave in Asia

Thien Duong Cave, a natural wonder of Quang Binh Province

Besides the famous Phong Nha Cave, recently Quang Binh is well-known for its unique cave named Thien Duong. Discovered in 2005 by a local citizen, Paradise Cave (Thien Duong ) is now considered to be the longest cave in Asia. According to some of the British cave explorers, Paradise cave is 31 km long which

Non Nuoc Beach

Vietnam beaches listed in TripAdvisor’s top 25 best beaches in Asia

Two beaches in central Vietnam have recently been named in the “Top 25 Best Beaches in Asia” category of the 2014 Travelers’ Choice Awards on travel site TripAdvisor. Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An Ancient Town and Non Nuoc Beach in Da Nang City won the award along with other beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia,

Hanoi works to restore traditional look to old street

Hanoi works to restore traditional look to old street

Hanoi has gone halfway to recovering the architectural space of Lan Ong street, which specialises in selling Vietnamese traditional medicine and is one of the few streets in the capital that has maintained its time-honoured trade. A store selling herbal medicine on Lan Ong street. The street is named after Hai Thuong Lan Ong –