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Colorful five-point stars, papercraft unicorn heads, paper masks and lanterns

Mid-Autumn Festival – the national spotlight of The Old Quarter

Hold in the middle of Autumn, Mid-Autumn Festival is regarded as one of the most essential and meaningful festivals in Vietnam. Most Vietnamese people far from their home are longing for this happy day to come back and attend a reunion dinner. To Vietnamese people, Mid-Autumn is the days of gathering, thanksgiving and praying.In the

Harvest season in Mu Cang Chai

Impressive terraced rice fields – reasons to visit Mu Cang Chai

Spectacular with terraced rice fields winding around mountain sides, Mu Cang Chai in Northwestern Yen Bai province deserves to be listed as one of 50 most charming places to visit in the world by the world’ famous travel Vietnam. See more information, you can click:  Vietnam and Indochina tours It is the terraced rice fields

You will encounter this crunchy cake at some corners on the street of Hanoi

Food Fever | Ready To Enjoy Banh Da Ke in Hanoi?

Banh Da Ke in Hanoi sticks to the childhood of several Hanoians, so whenever the locals see them sold on the street, they would buy them at all cost. But how do they look in reality? Travel to Hanoi to enjoy Banh Da Ke with: Travel Indochina Vietnam The cake catches the eyes of many

Cycling is an excellent way to discover Saigon

Where to go on your cycling tour in Saigon

Easily running among the other bigger means of transport, thus taking you out of traffic jam and the smoke rain in rush hours more quickly than any motorbikes and cars, cycling is not a popular way of travelling in Saigon but a great way to explore this city’s charm. Travel to Saigon  with: Indochina travel

Folk dancing beside Pongour

The most glorious waterfall in Da Lat – Pongour

Far about 50km from Da Lat city, Pongour waterfall is located  in Duc Trong district in Lam Dong province. If traveling from Saigon, visitors come to the three-way crossroad  (in Chai mountain) on Highway 20 with the direction to Da Lat – Saigon, turn into Pongour waterfall, go about 8 km further to the stunning

To Phu Quoc you will see the scene of farmers plant and take care of pepper gardens

Visiting the kingdom of pepper in Phu Quoc

Stepping into Phu Quoc pepper garden, visitors will be excited when seeing the red pepper bunch on the tree. Pepper is exposed to at least ten days in sun and then ready to clear the dust. The areas of pepper are in Ganh Gio, Suoi Da, Suoi May and Khu Tuong. To get more information,