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Top 5 best places in Vietnam you must visit in your 2018 vacation

Thanks to its special location, Vietnam is blessed with wonderful nature and built by an incredible fusion of many diverse cultures. Therefore, even if you are the most demanding travelers, you can find something interesting in this S-shaped country. Here are the top 5 must-visit places in Vietnam, which might give you some fascinating insights

A peaceful city

Top ten best places in Vietnam you must visit for a vacation part 1

What are the best places in Vietnam? This question has been asked for thousand times, since Vietnam became an Indochina gem, a hidden beauty till now. The answer might change every year, but some typical places stay on the bucket list no matter what because of their timeless beauties. Of course, not everything under the sun

Grilled meat wrapped into a rice pancake

Five best foods in Hoi An

Now if you have sweet teeth then Hoi An is the one that offers extraordinary culinary which arrest thousands of tourist every single year. It does not exaggerate that Hoi An’s culinary heritage is superior to anywhere else around. Let’s have a quick peek at five of the best foods that you have to try

Sapa in November

Trekking in November – a stunning experience to remember in Sapa

With the temperature remaining stably cool throughout the year and the extensive rice plantations that adorn the hills adding to the beautiful setting, Sapa has one of the most favorable conditions to be the best place for trekking in Vietnam. If you are going all the way to Northern Vietnam, trekking, which sounds like a

Best banh cuon in Hanoi

What to eat beyond Pho and banh mi in Vietnam

It is indisputable that Pho and banh mi are the two dishes taking Vietnam cuisine to world stage, but this stunning cuisine has much more to offer. Bún Cá: Fish Noodle Soup in Vietnam Among all sorts of savory dishes that Hanoians typically begin their new day with, noodle soups is the most popular choice.

Walk slow

Hanoi traffic – Top tips to cross the streets in Hanoi

Crossing the streets in Hanoi is one of the first examples of cultural shocks for tourists traveling to this beautiful capital city. For inexperienced foreigners and even some Vietnamese, walking around Vietnam is a bad dream and crossing streets is a nightmare, but once getting used to it, you may find it really interesting. After