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The foodie heaven in Da Lat you don’t miss

Da Lat attracts travelers thanks to not only its unspoiled environment, fresh highlands air, flowers, green pine forests and hills. It is also fascinating thanks to its diverse cuisine which combines both strange and familiar dishes. Da Lat is home to people from many regions in Vietnam. Therefore the local food is a unique blend

Local people in Sapa

Top 3 best destinations to visit Vietnam in 2018

Even though Vietnam offers travelers many surprising sights and fascinating places to explore, these three destinations should be on top of your hit-list. Stay tuned and you will be taken from the North to the South of Vietnam to discover from imposing mountainous area- Sapa, plateau Da Lat to the pristine island Phu Quoc. Sapa  

One of the most must-see places in Spring in Hanoi

Vietnam- a picturesque beauty in Spring

Before deciding to make a decision about where would you go, the weather is the first-factor tourist care about at first. If you have a plant to take a trip in Spring to Vietnam, don’t hesitate about the weather. This time of the year is the dry season in South and Central region in Vietnam,


Top 5 best places in Vietnam you must visit in your 2018 vacation

Thanks to its special location, Vietnam is blessed with wonderful nature and built by an incredible fusion of many diverse cultures. Therefore, even if you are the most demanding travelers, you can find something interesting in this S-shaped country. Here are the top 5 must-visit places in Vietnam, which might give you some fascinating insights

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Top ten best places in Vietnam you must visit for a vacation part 1

What are the best places in Vietnam? This question has been asked for thousand times, since Vietnam became an Indochina gem, a hidden beauty till now. The answer might change every year, but some typical places stay on the bucket list no matter what because of their timeless beauties. Of course, not everything under the sun

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Five best foods in Hoi An

Now if you have sweet teeth then Hoi An is the one that offers extraordinary culinary which arrest thousands of tourist every single year. It does not exaggerate that Hoi An’s culinary heritage is superior to anywhere else around. Let’s have a quick peek at five of the best foods that you have to try