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Coc Ly market

Top popular markets in Sapa

When you on any Northwest Vietnam tours, nothing gives you an insight into local shopping, culture, economic relations, and history like a loud and sprawling market. Here, travelers can find souvenirs as well as a wide range of other local food specialties and interesting things that cannot be found anywhere else. From Bac Ha Sunday

Bánh cuốn – a Hanoi dish wins the heart of travelers all over the world

How to eat street food like local people in Hanoi?

For Vietnamese in general and Hanoians in particular, the term “street food” has long metamorphosed into something precious and iconic: affordable gourmet food. Street food used to be much more famous for its convenience rather than its quality and deliciousness, but that is no longer the case. With this explosion in popularity has recently come

Cao lầu (Hoi An vermicelli) - Hoi An classic comfort food

Don’t leave Hoi An without trying some food

While Hoi An is famed for its lantern-filled streets lined with higgledy-piggledy wooden Japanese timber houses, Chinese temples billow with clouds of incense, don’t ever go on your Hoi An private tours without trying its local delights.So here’s a list of the best foods you can find when you travel to the ancient riverside port

Hue Imperial City – a place to visit in Hue

Best Vietnam vacation packages in 2018

Already dreaming of your travel and tours to Vietnam in 2018? What follows are the best Vietnam vacation packages in 2018!BEST VALUE PACKAGE (4 Days in Hanoi and Halong Bay with the price ranging from $199) – a great choice for family holidays with kids Settled in the prehistoric times and inhabited since the Neolithic period, Vietnam’s

Banh my, an all-time favorite snack of Vietnamese

Top 5 must-try delicacies in Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re planning to visit Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, the most dynamic city in Vietnam, just remember that eating is one of the top things to do. Vietnamese food is, without a doubt, famous worldwide for its authenticity, nutritiousness and robust flavor. Plan your Saigon Vespa tour with usSaigon offers an incredibly

Sticky rice in Laos

Street food in Indochina isn’t just cuisine

Every journey has a starting point. Either starting from the beautiful sceneries or various kinds of food, an eye-opening adventure is a key to bring you into the world. Setting your foot in a new land, I believe you always want to try what the locals eat. You can see things to do before your