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Must-eat dishes in Hue

The past of the Hue imperial has legated to the city a delicate cuisine completely unique in all of Asia and distinct from the other culinary offerings in Vietnam. Once coming to Hue, you should not forget to set some time aside for amazing culinary exploration. Tours Indochina

Com Hen

Com Hen

Com Hen – source: heobay.com

Including boiled mussel, rice, fish sauce, chili, onion, peanut, star fruit, cabbage, pepper and a wide selection of fresh herbs, Com Hen (rice with mussel) is one of the most unique cuisines of Hue. The unique thing is that except mussel broth, all of these portions are cold. When eating Com Hen, first, you will pour to a large bow all the above ingredients before slowly adding boiled mussel broth together with very hot chili sauce into the bowl. Having an extremely spicy flavor, Com Hen is memorable for any gastronomes even after only one time enjoying. Travel to Vietnam

Bun Bo Hue

Bun bo Hue

Bun bo Hue – source: bandatmyphuoc.com.vn

Bun bo Hue (Hue style beef vermicelli), also known as beef and pig’s knuckle vermicelli (Bun bo gio heo) is not only one of the most typical dishes of Hue but also a popular soup vermicelli dish in Vietnam. This dish is famous for fine combination of ingredients; the well prepared broth. To make this broth, they have to simmer bones together with beef for such a long period of time before adding a large number of different spices including chili and lemon grass. This broth is naturally sweet without the presence of shrimp paste. Chunks of boiled oxtail, pig’s knuckles or pork and thin slices of beef shank are also added into the bowl. This dish is also good for those suffering from high blood pressure thanks to some cubes of maroon brown congealed pig blood. Normally, they serve this specialty with many kinds of herbs such as: sliced banana blossom, onions, lime wedges, sprouts and cilantro sprigs. In case of lacking in banana blossom, they use thinly sliced purple cabbage or iceberg lettuces instead. To make it more flavor, adding a few of shrimp paste directly into the soup is also a good idea.

Banh Beo

Banh beo Hue

Banh beo Hue – source: abay.vn

Banh beo (water fern cake), whose name refers to the shape of the cake (like a water fern-Beo in Vietnamese) is a type of small steamed rice pancake. Having white color, this cake usually has a dimple in the middle, which is covered with savory recipes including fish sauce, crispy fried shallots, mung bean paste, scallions, chopped dried or fresh shrimp, rice vinegar together with oil and is sometimes nearly transparent.

Mam tom chua

Mam tom chua

Mam tom chua – source: vove.com.vn

Among many famous sour shrimp sauce in the central of Vietnam, mam tom chua in Hue is the most reputable. Sour shrimp sauce has orange color while original shape shrimps, unlike normal shrimp sauce with smooth surface and brown color. It is quite simple to make this sauce. First, to avoid bad smell if using normal water, they clean shrimps with salt water and cook them with strong rice wine. Then, the shrimps will gradually turn red. After that, they will carefully mix garlic, chili, sliced lesser galangal and sticky rice with the shrimps. After slowly put into a jar covered by guava leaves, all the mixture will be edible after 5-7 days. For boiled pork with vermicelli, this sauce is the best choice.

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