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Hanoi bars and pubs guide

The bia hoi (beer) bars, which are no-frills shophouses serving locally-made draught beer to guests sitting on petit stools around small tables are one aspect of Hanoi life that you should not miss out. At the junction of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen in the Old Quarter, where all four corner stores serve the stuff is the easiest spot to head for. By paying less than 20 cents for each glass, you could keep ordering up all night, and as the alcohol content is very low you will not be to get legless. Indochina travel Vietnam

Minh’s Jazz Club 65 Quan Su Street, Hoan Kiem District

Minh’s jazz club

Minh’s jazz club – source: restaurants-in-vietnam.com

As a place seeing the best musicians in Hanoi, Minh’s Jazz Club is unapproachable. If you are a fan of live music, you will definitely fall in love with the dark interior, which makes a good impression on you thanks to all of the talented performers on stage. Well known as the best Vietnamese jazz performer in music industry, Minh himself is sometimes here in person, playing with his immensely talented band, as well as international artists to bring you unforgettable performances. Although drinks are not cheap when factoring in the quality of the live entertainment, you will certainly find it worth. Travel to Vietnam

Fat Cat Bar, 25 Ta Hien

Fat Cat Bar

Fat Cat Bar – source: dulich.vnexpress.net

Run by Waryn Olivier and a French friend of him, Fat Cat Bar is a stunning bar having special décor at small size when compared with other bars in Hanoi.

The harmony of a fine bar together with a comfortable lounge at Fat Cat Bar brings the most amazing feeling. The majority of the guests here are foreigners. They can gather together at the bar interior or sit exterior the door to sip cold glasses of beer and talk about everything for hours. Climb up to the scaffold if you like sitting. Coming to Fat Cat Bar, you can have a chance to join in regularly organized music parties with diverse themes. Beer and cocktails, especially Fatcat cocktail – a special drink only served here are the most popular drinks.

Rockstore, 61 Ma May


Rockstore – source: hanoihotpot.blogspot.com

Opened in September 2013 and ran by Olivier Waryn, a Swiss man, Rockstore can be considered as a typical western-styled bar in the Old Quarter. The new bar has quickly become an ideal spot for a large number of foreign tourists as well as expats in Hanoi thanks to its soothing decoration, open space in rock style.

Being a two-story yellow house built in French structure style, Rockstore is a place where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages including wine, cocktails, mocktails, beer together with comfortable lounges for smaller groups on the first floor while the second floor having some billiard tables is suitable for larger groups. Bent lampposts are the highlights of the bar.

Opening all day is what makes Rockstore different from the other bars which only open from afternoon to evening. But only when the night comes, will Rockstore show off all the energies it has. In all evenings, it has performances of DJs or energetic rock bands. Some Vietnamese cuisines like bun cha, spring rolls are also offered here in addition to drinks.

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