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Driving in HaNoi, what you need to know

Driving in Vietnam, particularly in Hanoi, to me, is like dancing. You dance with your motorbikes. Everyone moves and everyone seems to understand each other without talking. I hope after reading this article, you can find driving in Hanoi less frightening but more interesting.

Driving might seem so dangerous to the ones who first came to this wonderful S-shaped country. The traffic is even crazier in Northern part than in the South. You can see the difference clearly when visiting the most popular cities, Hanoi and Saigon. However, do not be afraid, you still can enjoy the frenetic activity with just few quick tips.  You can Visit Hanoi with Indochina tours

Tip 1: Find yourself a suitable scooter and a safe helmet.

Automatic motorbike

Automatic motorbike_Source: Internet

You can easily hire or buy any motorbike in Hanoi. Most of all shops or hotels in Old Square offer this service. If you want to own one iron horse, Ba Trieu and Pho Hue are the places you can find many motorbike shops. Hyundai is the most popular manufacture in VietNam. There are 2 main types of scooter. If you are not getting used to driving this two-wheeled vehicle in your country, automatic scooter will be better choice as this kind is easier to control. If you are good at driving motorbike, the non-automatic ones might be more suitable as it consumes less petrol compared to the automatic counterpart. Travel to Vietnam

Besides, wearing helmets is a must. Buying helmets is extremely easy; however, it is advised that you should buy a high quality one though they can be a little bit more expensive. Obviously, you do not want to face a traumatic brain damage if unluckily, you have an accident. As usually, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Helmet and motorcycle

Helmet and motorcycle_Source: Internet

In addition, when doing any transaction, except the case that you purchase in some really big shops with clear price tags, it is common sense to bargain. Normally, the buyers will push the price higher, even double the original price. In order to not fork out for anything, you should tell them to give you a lower price for everything. Please do not be offended; people in Vietnam do this practice for thousand years, long before the tourist industry blossoms in this country. It is not like people here take advantage of you because you are a foreigner. It is just the way they do business in this S-shaped country. Just remember, they are expecting you to bargain at the same time they give you the higher price.

Tip 2: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

The same truth applies to this case. When you drive in Hanoi, do what the locals do. If they turn right when there is a red light; turn right. It might seem illegal but actually it is absolutely legal in many cases. If you are not sure, remember to pull your motorbike near the left side of the road. Otherwise, you might block the way of others and they might be aggressive.

Frenetic Traffic in Hanoi

Frenetic Traffic in Hanoi_Source: Internet

Besides, you may feel strange as sometimes, no, many times, when seeing locals break the traffic laws. You can do like them, no one blames you. If you do not like this kind of rule violation, you can still walk the straight and narrow.

Tip 3: Dance aggressively.

Driving in the rain

Driving in the rain_Source: Internet

It is true that you can move easily and flexibly. However, when there is a traffic jam, fight with your first wheel. If the people in front of you move, you should also move immediately after them, even it is just a few centimeters. The point is that you either move or stay at the same place for hours. Nobody waits for you; they also try to move forward as much as they can. It may look like the law of the jungle, and make you uncomfortable. However, when you get used to it, you might quite enjoy it to some extent.

Tip 4: Avoid the walkers

When you see someone walk across the street, you should avoid them. They will keep walking steadily, and your job is to not crash on them. It is your job, not theirs.

Avoid the walkers

Avoid the walkers_Source: Internet

Tip 5: Bring some cash with you

You might be stopped by police because of many problems, passing the red light, no Id, going on the wrong lane, just name a few. In this case, you just need to give the policemen some money and go. Commonly, 200 thousand VND is a basic charge.

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