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Conquering Fansipan Mountain

For those who are keen on getting your blood pumping during their trip, the very best way to do it is a trek to the top of Mount Fansipan. Joining in this trip, you will be taken through many of the most distant areas of the area while being rewarded with striking landscapes from the very peak of the country. Indochina tours Vietnam

Conquering Fansipan Mount is dream of many people

Conquering Fansipan Mount is dream of many people – source: 365travel.asia

Under the protection of the Hoang Lien National Park and belonging to Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Fansipan is recognized as the highest mountain in Vietnam. Considered as “the Roof of Indochina”, Fansipan Mount is the symbol of personal struggle to achieve for most young and bravery people. At the height of 3143 meters, Fansipan Mount is such a difficult challenge to many generations of Vietnamese.

The first prerequisite to prepare for the trip is to have a good strength. One or two months before the trip are the best time for you to start your physical training plan. North Vietnam travel packages

Fansipan Mount

Fansipan Mount – source: 365travel.asia

It is advisable to prepare your luggage carefully and fit for the time when you travel even though you can reach the peak all year round. Bring with you as few luggage as possible, only important stuff (including socks, scarf, warm clothes and especially flash light in case you go out in the dark), because climbing up with a heavy backpack on your back is not easy. When experiencing mountain road and going through the lush forest and stream, it is a good idea to take a first aid kit, raincoat, waterproof trekking shoes, insect repellent and some medicines for common diseases including: fever, flu and diarrhea. Drinks, snacks for re-energizing on the way and food are must-bring things. Use a lemon a day is advisable as lemon is very good for your health. To help to increase the water holding capacity of the body, eating a slice of lemon is enough. Bring a lot of electronic devices is not a good idea. If you bring with you telephone or camera, do not forget to put them in a plastic bag when you do not use them. If you enjoy your trip in the winter, heating patches to keep warm is also necessary.

Because of less preparation, many climbers even had to give up halfway. But definitely, just with a resolute willpower, anybody can get access to the top of the mountain.

From the top of Indochina

From the top of Indochina – source: sapainme.com

When setting their feet on the Fansipan peak, most of climbers were emotionally torn. Some people jumped up happily, some cried, some hugged and kissed the steel block carved with the words “Fansipan – 3.143m” while other shouted out loud. After a challenging climb, Fansipan will reward the climbers with the breath-taking wild evergreen nature with a sea of clouds around the mountain and a very high blue sky. It is such an amazing and victorious feeling when standing on the peak of Fansipan. Once reaching this top, from different directions, do not forget to take pictures as this might be an unforgettable moment during your lifetime. Tough and challenging, but that is the factor confirming the attractiveness of the trip. Do not give up!

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