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Four seasons in Hanoi

The weather of Hanoi is typical of the North Vietnam in general. The weather  is monsoon humid tropical climate so it is hot in summer (or raining season) and it is cold in winter (dry season). Moreover, Hanoi has two periods of interferences between raining season and dry season. Thanks to these interferences, Hanoi has autumn and spring. When you come to north vietnam travel packages  you will sure feel

Hanoi in autumn is the inspiration for many artists
Hanoi in autumn is the inspiration for many artists -source: internet

Time of 4 seasons in Hanoi

As mentioned above, the weather of Hanoi is divided into 4 seasons include spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is the season of new beginning of a new year. Spring is from February to April. Summer is from May to July. Autumn is from August to October. Winter is from November to January next year.

What is the weather like around the year?

Hanoi is located in the tropical area so Hanoi receives abundant solar radiation and high temperature around the year. The total amount of annual average radiation is 122.8kcal/cm2. Hanoi has about 1,641 sunny hours every year. The average of air temperature annual is 23.6o C. The highest average temperature can reach up to 29.8o C in June. The lowest average temperature can be down to 17.2o C in January. Humidity and rainfall of Hanoi are quite high. The annual average relative humidity is 79%. The annual average rainfall is 1,800mm and there are about 114 rainy days every year.

Typically from May to September is the time of hot- rainy season. The average temperature from May to September is 29.2o C. From November to March of the next year is the time of cold- dry season; it is dry and the average temperature is just 15.2o C. Autumn and spring are between hot-rainy season and cold-dry season. Thanks to the change of weather, there are 4 seasons. The change of the weather makes Hanoi’s climate more abundant and diverse. It always has its own beauty in every season.

Some nuggets are reminiscent of autumn in Hanoi
Some nuggets are reminiscent of autumn in Hanoi -source: internet

Hanoi has four seasons


It is so hot in summer. It is sometimes 42o C. It is sometimes rainy in the afternoon and the rain typically lasts from 1 to 2 hours. In the mid-day, most of streets in Hanoi become deserted because it is too hot to sit or walk on streets at that time. Hanoians don’t like summer very much; however, summer is the most bustle season of the year. Trees are green and lush in summer. There also have many kinds of fruits sold on every street of Hanoi. Summer is also the season of lotus, flamboyant and rhodomyrtus tomentosa. Flamboyant is the symbol of Hanoi in summer.

*Autumn :

When the weather turns from summer into autumn, the weather of this city has stable average temperature. It is usually mild sunny. Sometimes, it has heavy rain. In general, common weather in autumn is prolonged dry.

Mid-autumn and the end of autumn are the times that most of trees are deciduous.  Yellow leaves fall down and cover all of streets of Hanoi. When leaves fall down is the time that weather is going to turn into winter. Autumn is the most beautiful season of Hanoi in particular and in the North of Vietnam in general that the South Vietnam doesn’t have.

Hoan Kiem Lake in an autumn day
Hoan Kiem Lake in an autumn day -source: internet

*Winter :

If many people don’t like summer, there also have many people don’t like winter. The temperature in January and February can be down to 9o C; at that time, it starts snowing in Sapa in Lao Cai province and Dong Van plateau in Ha Giang province. There is a fact that winter of Hanoi is regarded as “the gift” to people in Sai Gon because Sai Gon has never had the winter like Hanoi. The winter in the North Vietnam is also the season of white cauliflower flowers and wild sunflowers. Many young people like going to cauliflower garden and wild sunflower garden to have beautiful photo when winter comes. Milk flowers are symbol of  this city in winter.

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*Spring :

Spring in Hanoi is not clear. Some people suppose that spring in Hanoi starts from Lunar New Year of Vietnam; however, spring just really comes from March when many kinds of flowers begin to bloom. Spring and in the North of Vietnam is the season of hundreds traditional festivals in rural areas. In the early of spring, it is less sunny. Drizzle lasts during the week. It is sunny at the end of spring; flowers are abloom; trees are flourishing. Peaches are the symbol of spring.

Peaches are the signals of Lunar New Year and the symbol of Hanoi in spring
Peaches are the signals of Lunar New Year and the symbol of Hanoi in spring -source: internet

When is the best time to travel?

Hanoi always has its own beauty in every season, so it is beautiful around the year. Tourists can visit city of Vietnam anytime. If tourists love peaches or many other colorful flowers blooming and experience traditional festivals of Vietnam, tourists should visit in spring. If tourists like cold weather seeing thin mist that covers streets in the cold days, winter is the best choice for tourists. If tourists love art, autumn is an excellent choice for artistic creation and great photos with the picturesque of Hanoi’s autumn. Certainly that summer is an ideal season for tourists who love sports, out-door-activities and swimming.

Swimming pools or entertainment venues are popular choices of tourists in summer
Swimming pools or entertainment venues are popular choices of tourists in summer -source: internet

This city always has its own beauty in each season. The beauty of it cant be mixed with any other beauty. For tourists who have traveled to Vietnam, tourists will never forget an ancient beauty but not least modern capital city.

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