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Best time to visit Hanoi

Founded in 1010, Hanoi is not only a long history city, but also a cultural and financial center with charming lakes, magnificent ancient temples, impressive colonial architecture and excellent theaters and museums. There are four distinctive seasons in Hanoi and depending partly on what your goals are and what you want to do once getting there, the best time to visit Hanoi varies. Visit Hanoi with Tours Indochina Vietnam

Spring time– from February to April

Spring time in Hanoi
Spring time in Hanoi-source: Internet

Really pleasant and comfortable, spring in Hanoi is the best time for travelers to witness the beauty of Hanoi. In these months, the temperature normally ranges between 15-20 degrees Celsius making it an ideal time for many travelers to visit Hanoi. Hanoi becomes more beautiful and interesting in spring, the time when plants grow and flowers beautifully blossom. In addition that, paying a visit to Hanoi at this time, you can have a great chance to experience Tet – the longest and the happiest Vietnamese holiday of the year. Travel to Vietnam

Summer time – from May to August

Summer time in Hanoi
Summer time in Hanoi-source: Internet

Summer time in Hanoi, the season when the weather is hot with the average temperature of 32 degree Celsius, might be a trouble for some people. However, the temperature is not so high that can cause some serious troubles. You can sweat a lot and suddenly get into some drizzle rains when walking along the street during the day. However, these typical weather conditions of tropical countries only surprise travelers from other regions. This could the best time for you to visit Hanoi if you do not mind being sweat by the heat and want to truly experience the tropical weather.

Autumn time – from September to October

Autumn in Hanoi
Autumn in Hanoi-source: Internet

In autumn, Hanoi is just romantic and gorgeous. Even though lasting only lasts two months, this season is such perfect time for romantic people, especially lovers, who want to have unforgettable memories to visit Hanoi. Hanoi’s autumn is exceptionally charming with yellow leaves falling off the trees and warm sunlight shining all the streets. All these splendid things come together to make the slow walking along the streets just romantic and stunning. If you grab this chance, just walk slowly and enjoy the peace of the charming Hanoi.

Winter time – from December to January

Winter in Hanoi
Winter in Hanoi-source: Internet

With the average temperature of 17 degree Celsius and sometimes dropping down below 10 degree, winter must be the coldest time in Hanoi. Western travelers can get familiar with this temperature, but the cold weather in Hanoi is different. It is breezing winds and high humidity that make Hanoi’s winter much colder and unpleasant. Thus, don’t forget to bring with you enough thick warm clothes. In spite of the severe cold, Hanoi’s winter, as you can try many dishes that are not only mouthwatering but also can warm you up in chilly days, is still very interesting time to visit this capital city.

As Hanoi is charming all year around, the best time to pay a visit to Hanoi capital is absolutely up to your decision. Don’t let the weather make you hesitate, just come and experience the beauty of Hanoi!

Best time to visit Hanoi is up to your decision

Best time to visit Hanoi
Best time to visit Hanoi-source: Internet

For cooler weather, let’s visit Hanoi in spring or autumn. In summer, the temperature is very hot, making it difficult for you to spend long hours outside. The temperatures in July can be up to higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With temperatures in the 60s to low 70s, March and April are good months. Otherwise, September and November are also the time to visit. With the temperatures in the 80s, September is still warm but not unbearable as the months during summer. With the highest temperatures reaching into the low 80s, October witnesses cool weather. With an average low of 66 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures in November rarely go over 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tet in Vietnam
Tet in Vietnam-source: Internet

For the festive atmosphere, arrive in late January or early February, when Tet, the Vietnamese New Year’s Celebration, the time of many colorful parades and temple celebrations, occurs. However, this is not a good time for shopping as many shops are closed during Tet. Other major festivals in Hanoi are: the Le Mat Festival in spring, the Mid-autumn festival in the fall and Co Loa Festival in February. Since based on the lunar calendar are festivals celebrated, dates can widely vary from one year to the next, sometimes with a variation of weeks or even months.

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