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Top things to do when visiting Cao Bang

As the Northern frontier land of the country, Cao Bang is inhabited by many ethnic groups with diverse culture imbued with national cultural identity. Each ethnic group has its own unique culture and beautiful customs preserved through generations which have nurtured their soul and cultural spaces. Top things you can do in Cao Bang below will give you a new look about this place.

Ban Gioc waterfall

In this planet, there are some places that if you do not visit, you may not have the opportunities to try it in the future. And in Cao Bang, Ban Gioc waterfall is placed like this. If you are a nature lover, don’t miss it!

Being considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls and great landscapes in Vietnam and the fourth largest translational waterfalls in the world after Iguazu fall, Victoria Fall, and Niagara fall, Ban Gioc is definitely the best choice to soak up the astounding beauty and natural charm of Vietnam’s Northern region. Located quietly on the Quay Son River and surrounded by picturesque karst peaks, Ban Gioc plays an important role in attracting thousands of people coming to visit each year. Spanning about 200m in width and a drop of more than 70m in height, it is further separated into three falls by rocks and trees, flowing down into a breathtaking private pool. But don’t swim, it is strictly prohibited here! Plan North Vietnam packages  to explore Cao Bang  now

Due to the water mist in the air, the temperature outside is fantastically cool, tourists can be experienced a great sense of relaxation and peace, created a romantic mood while lightening up your tour. In addition, on a sunny day, the vapor of water often creates majestic rainbows, makes Ban Gioc more magical and marvelous. At the foot of the fall, the transparent river looks like a mirror in the middle of green rice fields and forests. If you’re planning a trip to Ban Gioc, the period of time from September to October will be highly recommended for you!

Ban Gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc waterfall

Visit Pac Rang- village community- based tourism

Standing on top of the pass, we can see small villages in a small valley between mountains where the village of Nung An people is located. According to the historical researchers, they were the early settlers in this land, considered as one of the ancient indigenous groups. Pac Rang is one of the villages of Nung An people, in Phuc Sen commune, Quang Yen district, Cao Bang province. Despite the ordinary landscape, this village has the unique cultural spaces imbued with the national identity. It has from fifteen to twenty old stilt houses which are typical for ethnic architecture. As the result of market economic growth, many customs and culture have been lost. However, Nung An in Pac Rang village still retains kept the traditional job of weaving and indigo dyeing. Tourists visiting Pac Rang village will have a chance to see the locals make out costume by themselves and take part in some local activities in order to understand more about how they make a living.

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Another impressive thing to admire is the winding artistic and solid stone fence on both sides of the roads in this village. Visiting Cao Bang from March to June, you will fall in love immediately with the green rice paddy fields surround the village.

Trekking in Bao Lac and Pac Bo Cave

Visiting any mountainous area in Vietnam, trekking is a must-try activity tourist cannot miss out. The trek in Bao Lac and Pac Bo Cave offers you a wonderful chance to explore the breathtaking sceneries, find out more about how they cultivate rice on the terraces and appreciate the rich historical site.

Most of Cao Bang trekking tours are provided along with homestay experience. During your trek, you will have time to meet the locals going about how their daily life. Enjoy a warm meal with different various kinds of local food at the end of the day is the best way to let your hair down after a busy day.

Trekking with a local people

Trekking with a local people

Taste the local food

Not only attract travelers thanks to its stunning waterfall and cultural values of ethnic people’s life, Cao Bang seems to be the best foodie heaven to explore. Located in the high area in Vietnam, Cao Bang cuisine also has its unique taste. Setting your feet for the first time, you will fall in love immediately with hanged- on the ceiling beef jerky or Gam River fried catfishes. If you’re enough brave, don’t miss to try some dishes made from bumblebees or ant egg’s cake. Visiting Cao Bang at the beginning of October, Trung Khanh chestnuts will keep your soul thanks to its fleshy flavor. What is better than visiting a new land and bring back something for your beloved as a gift.

Trung Khanh chestnuts

Trung Khanh chestnuts

Leaving Cao Bang, the travelers’ impression of the human life and the unique cultural identity seems to remain. Local people’s eyes, friendly smiles, and the beautiful natural landscapes shape a small color picture of this land with diverse emotions in sweet singing.

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