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Must-try dishes before leaving Ha Giang

Ha Giang is one of the most beautiful places in northern Vietnam. With 90% of the population are ethnic minorities, Ha Giang is diverse in the culture. It offers visitors interesting experiences not only by its majestic natural landscapes but also a lot of culinary specialties. Visiting this mountainous province, it would be a miss if you do not try some unique local dishes. North Vietnam tours

Beauty of Ha Giang

Beauty of Ha Giang-source: http://hanoiexplorer.com/

Thang Den in Ha Giang

Among favorite cakes in Ha Giang City, “thang den” is more preferable. It is a glutinous rice cake that is stuffed with beans. For those who do not have much knowledge about Vietnamese cakes, you may mistake the cake for “banh troi nuoc” (the floating cake) in the plain area. “Thang den” is made from rice flour, sugar and then shaped into balls. When customers order, the seller will boil the cake and then souse it in the mixture liquid (include sugar, coconut, ginger). This dish is extremely suitable with Ha Giang’s climate which is cool. The pungent taste of ginger will warm you up in winter days.

“Thang den” cake

“Thang den” cake-source: http://www.viettravelmagazine.com/

Thang Co

“Thang Co” is a must-try dish when you are in Ha Giang because you will not find it anywhere else in Vietnam. It is made from bone and viscera of cow and buffalo. Although this dish usually does not attract visitors at the first, it will leave you an unforgotten impression if you try it once. “Thang co” is cooked with different types of cardamom and spices that you only find in mountainous area. It tastes meaty and fat. You can enjoy “thang co” at any place in Ha Giang, but it is best to enjoy it with corn wine in the highland markets.

“Thang co” – a must-try dish in Ha Giang

“Thang co” – a must-try dish in Ha Giang-source: http://www.crossingtravel.com/

Mixed vegetables (fried vegetables)

Although being made from very popular vegetables in Ha Giang such as cabbage, cauliflower, pea and some other ingredients of hot dog, dumpling and “lo khoai” cake, this dish becomes very special thanks to skilled hands of local people. The way to process this dish is quite simple. When frying each of ingredients is done, the seller mixes them with a special soy sauce so this creates the uncommon pungent taste for this dish. Its own attraction comes from the crisp of fried vegetables and the soft of “lo khoai” cake. Vietnam tour packages

Fried vegetables

Fried vegetables-source: http://news.zing.vn/

Thit gac bep (smoked meat)

Smoked pork or beef is usually chopped into long pieces and then skewered into stick, hang on smoking shelf. Before it is smoked, meat is normally marinated with different spices such as chilli, ginger, and especially “mac khen”. The smoked meat is a savory dish but it does not have preservative. When visiting Ha Giang, this would be a favorite dish for many visitors. If you like it, you can buy some for your friends and family who have not tried this dish before.

Smoked beef in Ha Giang

Smoked beef in Ha Giang-source: http://phunutoday.vn/

 Above are 4 dishes that you should not miss before leaving the beautiful province, Ha Giang. Certainly you will be impressed by cuisine of this town which is totally different with that of other part of Vietnam.

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