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Homestay- a good choice among kinds of accommodation in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam- a wonderful destination for you in the Indochinese Peninsula. About Hanoi, maybe you can hear about traffic jam, noise and so on. However, a lot of foreign tourists come here every year. So, why? Over those, Hanoi still contains many traditional beauties and characteristics. They can be small ancient streets, an old yard, quiet churches and so on. Many tourists said that they can feel the private beauty in Hanoi which is absolutely different from all the destinations they have ever come. Therefore, the number of foreign tourists who visits Hanoi has rose day by day. Travel to Hanoi with: Travel Indochina Vietnam

When coming to Hanoi, many travelers try to find a suitable accommodation which is the identity of this land. They usually prefer to stay in homestays which have unique design and good view to the beautiful landscapes. Understanding this demand, we will suggest you some following homestays which will certainly satisfied you:

Mei’s Hideaway- a nostalgic atmosphere

Nostalgic atmosphere in Mei’s Hideaway will attract you a lot

Nostalgic atmosphere in Mei’s Hideaway will attract you a lot -source: internet

Mei’s Hideaway has existed for more than 80 years, so when putting your feet here, you will feel nostalgic atmosphere. This homestay has 2 floors and a small space in the middle. You can read books or listening to music in this place. This accommodation has simple design (vintage). Moreover, the furniture, wall color and so on are chosen delicately with bright pastel.

Unique kitchen of Mei’s Hideaway

Unique kitchen of Mei’s Hideaway- source: internet

However, the feature which makes tourists love Mei’s Hideaway is lovely and succinct kitchen like a corner of your own home. Besides, from this kitchen, you can see Truc Bach Lake and the road with many green trees. This kitchen is equipped fully with useful furniture. You can buy food and vegetables in Dong Xuan market and cook the meals by yourselves. It will bring you coziness like at home. Tours in Vietnam

Le Bleu Nui Truc- a peaceful space

Airy and fresh space in Le Bleu Nui Truc

Airy and fresh space in Le Bleu Nui Truc -source: internet

Le Bleu Nui Truc is located next to the community house for artists. It has a discreet and a little bit dark space, but very unique with vintage style. The highlight of this homestay is the balcony which is designed as a small garden. When you get up in the morning, you can come here, enjoy relaxing moment when contemplating lovely small trees. Each of furniture in Le Bleu Nui Truc has its own stories because some of them were bought in Myanmar and Bhutan. Moreover, from this place, you sometimes can hear the sound of instrument from artists’ houses. It will be surely that you feel comfortable when staying in this accommodation.

Au Frais- the charm of Asian culture and modern architecture

Outdoor space of Au Arais is very suitable for a cozy party

Outdoor space of Au Arais is very suitable for a cozy party – source: internet

Au Frais is located on the ninth floor of a building near Tay Lake. It has a large space with a very good view to the lake. The highlight of Au Frais is that the furniture are arranged delicately which is the mixture of the charm of Asian culture and modern architecture style. Moreover, this accommodation also has a garden with table, chair and brilliant leds which are very wonderful for outdoor parties with family and friends. In particular, Au Frais has many beautiful corners for taking photos. This is really an ideal place for you to enjoy another beauty of Hanoi.

Module 7- a place of recreation and uniqueness

Module 7 is a unique homestay for you in Hanoi

Module 7 is a unique homestay for you in Hanoi – source: internet

Being located at 83 Xuan Dieu, Module 7 is a large and unique accommodation. It is very different from mentioned place which has gentle appearance. This destination is very outstanding with exciting colors. The bedrooms are decorated with delicate statues and lotus. Coming to Module 7, you will be extremely surprised at its recreation and uniqueness. Moreover, because this accommodation is very large, the natural light will easily spread, which makes everything fresher.

These mentioned homestays in Hanoi are extremely surprising accommodations for you in your journey. They can make you comfortable and relaxing as you are in your own home! Therefore, why do you still hesitate to choose one of them for yourselves?

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