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Where to go in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is the province in the North of Vietnam with many beautiful destinations. With the epic landscapes here, it is very worth being discovered. Coming to Ha Giang, tourists can see the endless roads, unique terraces and more than that. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss Ha Giang in your holiday. The followings will help you choose where to go in Ha Giang. North Vietnam packages

Magnificent Dong Van Rock Plateau

Traveling Dong Van Rock Plateau is a good chance for you to give a trial to yourselves with the deep abyss. You can dip into the mighty nature and live with the poor but happy people. Also, you can let your mind be in the melodies of wooden instrument. Who knows if it makes you cry when saying good bye.

Being about 132 kilometers far from Ha Giang town, Dong Van Rock Plateau is the craggy and magnificent rocky mountain area with the very impressing and beautiful views.

The overview of Dong Van Rock Plateau

The overview of Dong Van Rock Plateau-source: https://tinhte.vn/

The average high level of this destination is from 1,000 to 1,600 meters when compared with sea level. Its area is approximately 2,356 kilometers square. Moreover, Dong Van Rock Plateau is located in 4 districts of Ha Giang: Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Dong Van. This is the special area of limestone which contains many typical relics of the development of the crust.

The magnificent landscape in Dong Van Rock Plateau

The magnificent landscape in Dong Van Rock Plateau-source:

From the center of Ha Giang town, following 4C highway to Quan Ba district and going on this road by Can Ty pass, the teemed pine forests, winding roads, tourists can put the foot on this rock plateau. private Vietnam tour packages

Lung Cu Flagpole

Lung Cu Flagpole is the national one located in the top of Lung Cu mountain (which can be called Dragon mountain). Being the holy North Pole of Vietnam, Lung Cu Flagpole have passed many important milestones with the country. Many stories about how to establish the flagpole also contain boldly historical color. It is always the holy symbol of national sovereignty. From the parking lot on the back of the mountain, tourists will conquer 286 stone steps and stand in 1,700 meters in height, under the sacred flag of Vietnam flying freely.

Lung Cu Flagpole seen from above

Lung Cu Flagpole seen from above-source: http://sgotours.vn/

Visiting here, travelers also can visit Lung Cu border post. There is a station here with the responsibility to save the flag. Normally, the flag will be change per 10 or 15 days because the wind blows heavily on the top of the mountain, which can make this flag ragged. The changed flags are saved carefully to give the special delegations as the souvenir. This is the priceless thing to anyone, especially people loving Vietnam.

Standing under the flag blowing in the North Pole of the country, tourists will have unsayable feelings. This will be a wonderful experience for you if you want to understand more about brave Vietnam.

Buckwheat flower field in Sung La

Sung La owns the beauty of mighty mountain and rustic local people. Especially, Sung La will be more beautiful in buckwheat flower season.

Buckwheat flower field in Sung La is a wonderful destination

Buckwheat flower field in Sung La is a wonderful destination-source:

The autumn lasts from October to December with cool weather and the slight sunshine on every road. This is the great time for buckwheat flower to bloom beautifully. The flowers cover the hillsides and make colorful carpets in the fields. Moreover, they also boom brilliantly beside the roads or surround the small houses. The blooming buckwheat flowers with the smiles of local children will make your heart become warm strangely.

The buckwheat flowers bloom in clusters in a month. When starting to bloom, they are white, then change to light pink, violet and dark red. The petals stay together in the shape of cone. This is considered as one of the most romantic and picturesque destinations in Ha Giang. The beauty of buckwheat flowers will certainly impress you at the first look.

You will be surprised by the beauty of buckwheat flowers in Sung La

You will be surprised by the beauty of buckwheat flowers in Sung La-source:

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