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If cooking were painting, Vietnam would have one of the world’s most colorful palettes with about 500 traditional dishes and many variations. Vietnam has an enviable natural bounty, and the cooking techniques enhance the offerings from land to sea to great advantage. The cuisine is heaven-sent and the divine flavors are as diverse as the areas in which they are offered. The marriage of cooking techniques and ingredients from the aged-old colonialism with nowadays foreign influence. The seafood is spectacular thanks to an endless coastline, and vegetarians will be surprised with the magical “mock meat” that the Vietnamese have mastered. Will you enjoy wandering with us through markets to learn local fruits and vegetables, to smell fresh lemongrass filled in the air and taking cooking classes to learn how to prepare the food once you return home? By choosing this theme, you are already telling us your joyous and trip’s expectation. Our task will only be completed when we get specific travel details and a wish list from you. Then, a personalized trip at your interests that filled with unforgettable experiences will be offered.

Smoked beef in Ha Giang

Must-try dishes before leaving Ha Giang

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Ha Giang is one of the most beautiful places in northern Vietnam. With 90% of the population are ethnic minorities, Ha Giang is diverse in the culture. It offers visitors interesting experiences not only by its majestic natural landscapes but also a lot of culinary specialties. Visiting this mountainous province, it would be a miss

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Vietnam Foodie 12 days

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Explore the Vietnam Cuisine while touring the country! You will learn how to cook the local’s style at each regions and master the skill by the end of the trip.

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