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My Khe Beach

Top Things to do in Danang Vietnam

Comfortably nestled between Hue and Hoian on Vietnam’s east coast, Danang offers so much to see and do that travelers have to stay here for a few days on average! Being the fourth largest city in Vietnam, Danang benefits from not only tree lined boulevards, fantastic restaurants, shops, but also archaeological wonders, splendid beaches and

A visit to the crocodile farm

Where to go in Ho Chi Minh City in May

Officially the first month of rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City, May might not be the best time to travel, but it is proper time for any travelers who want to taste the flavor of the hot-humid climate in the tropics. Coming in these hot days, let’s get out of the crowded city and

Bamboo cooked rice in Mai Chau

Com Lam- traditional food in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is a small area located in Hoa Binh province, approximately 135km from Hanoi- the capital of Vietnam and it will take you over 3 hours driving by car. Each new land, when you start picking your lungage up, you can not know what is waiting for you. And local foods Mai Chau are

Van Cao street is colorful with purple flamboyant in the summer

The beauty of Lagerstroemia flower in summer

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, the center of cultural customs and beauty. Furthermore, Hanoi has a reputation for stunning flowers each season. In summer, Hanoi streets seem to become violet-purple in the color of lagerstroemia flowers. You can see more: Indochina Travel All of a sudden, a purple lagerstroemia bud blooms in a corner

Beef pho

How to eat like a Vietnam foodie

What to eat in Vietnam if you are only staying for a week, and constantly on the move from the North to the South? Too many food, too little time. Not to mention not all stomachs are created equal. If you want to try the very signature dishes of each region, keep in mind that

Meditate at home

Sunday in Vietnam

As many people know, Vietnamese used Lunar Calendar in our daily life activities. According to the calendar based upon cycles of the Moon’s Phases, we did not have 7 days per week, so we also did not have Sunday. Then The French came; one of the French legacies left in Vietnam is solar calendar, including